Against the backdrop of the Iran-sponsored HAMAS terrorist attacks against Israel and innocent civilians, THIS report published at the Conservative Treehouse is perhaps THE most important investigative article you can read. It IS about the money and which country is acting as the “bag man” for the terrorists, Obama, and the illegitimte Biden regime. From the article:

Qatar is aligned with the Obama/Biden worldview of all things political.  The Obama/Biden worldview is not opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood.  As a consequence, the Obama/Biden worldview is in alignment with the Palestinian Authority.  In essence, in many ways of laundering money, Qatar is an Arabic version of Ukraine.


Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken sending the $6 Billion in sanctioned Iranian money to Qatar, is essentially like making a deposit into a bank that funds Islamic extremism, including Hamas.  The transfer gave Iran a $6 billion line of credit – or, put another way, was essentially a deposit into an Iranian escrow account.  Qatar can give Iran money, money from the nation state of Qatar, while still holding the $6 billion transferred from Biden/Blinken on their books.

It gets more interesting, because the Iranian-Hamas (Palestinian) angle against Israel now overlaps with the Obama/Biden worldview.

The Obama administration first created the public-private partnership with Twitter and Facebook to support the “Arab Spring” uprising.


The ideological interests behind the 2010/ ’11 “Arab Spring” uprising were the same ideological interests behind the 2020 “Black Lives Matter” protests/uprising.  Not merely similar people, but the exact same people. [Emphasis mine]

Sundance – The Conservative Treehouse

On this issue, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is being deliberately deceptive regarding the issue of the money in this interview with Meet The Press:

The issue here is not just funding the terrorists – it is MUCH BIGGER. The issue is, simpoly put, “enemies within.” First, read the entire article posted at The Conservative Treehouse. Understand what has taken place since Obama came onto the scene, as well as the role he (and his associates) are playing right now, from domestic issues to the global stage.

Regarding the release of the $6 billion to Iran, on… wait for it… September 11, 2023, the Biden/Harris/Obama/Congressional Squad junta is exhibiting solidarity with the Muslim terrorists AND facilitating an internal takeover of the United States. The atrocities that happened in Israel are coming to America because of these very same people and policies. Prepare to fight real battles for our peronal and national survival. As the flow of Islamic, Maoist, and Marxist sleeper cells continue through the US by the invitation of the globlists, the danger to all of us is increasing by the minute.

Stolen elections in the US have dire consequences, not just for the US, but for the entire world.

Prepare. Pray.


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The three architects of nation destruction, the “Butchers of Benghazi,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power, with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm, deliberately and ruthlessly destabilized Libya as part of the “Arab Spring” realignment of power that included Egypt, the Middle East and across North Africa. Recall that Clinton was the primary architect behind the weapons running operation out of the Department of State CIA compound in Benghazi when it was attacked and overrun on September 11-12, 2012, causing the death of a US ambassador and at least three US citizens (US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; USFS officer Sean Smith; CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty). Remember their names.

As Obama began to reshape the balance of power in the Middle East and North Africa, he signed Executive Order 13566 on February 25, 2011 – about 18 months before the Benghazi attack. That EO cited “[A] national emergency pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701‑1706) to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States constituted by the actions of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi…”

Today, Biden extended the “national emergency” by extending Executive Order 13726, which expanded the scope of the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13566.

“The situation in Libya continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and measures are needed to protect against the diversion of assets or other abuses by members of Qadhafi’s family, their associates, and other persons hindering Libyan national reconciliation.

Link to White House Executive Order extension HERE.

It should be obvious who is running the White House, and it’s not Biden.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

For me and my first popular website –, the censorship began on June 22, 2012. I can recall that day and this incident with absolute clarity, as my late son’s wedding was scheduled for the following day. I recall, again with absolute clarity, certain individuals telling me, upon hearing the news, that it wasn’t censorship and that I must not have paid my bill with GoDaddy. They scoffed at the notion that GoDaddy would tell me to get off their servers; it was impossible, and GoDaddy wouldn’t do that.

In the following years, I received copies of emails from two so-called conservatives who claimed to be my friends and allies, mocking me for making “false claims.” That was nearly eleven years ago. My oh my, have times changed.

I published the following report, complete with the correspondence from GoDaddy, on June 26, 2012, on my new ISP. My report was again met with skepticism, with even more “conservatives” and self-proclaimed Christians insisting that GoDaddy would not remove my site over ideological issues, despite my transparency. There had to be other reasons.

Today, those critics are silent.

The following was initially published on June 26, 2012:

Obama Truth Teams in Action

It was like something from George Orwell’s “1984.” Last Friday evening, I was notified by my internet service provider that I was in violation of the hosting company’s terms of service, and I had 48 hours to find another hosting company, or they would forcibly shut down my website.

This, after having my website in operation for the last ten-(10) years and weathering such controversies as showing the world videos of the unsanitized version of Muslim beheadings while the corporate media failed to explain such inhumanity. We’ve always prevailed in the storms of trumped-up controversies, so what changed?

Truth Teams. Internet censorship. Why do you think there’s been such a push for internet-related legislation such as SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and so on? Why NOW?

The following is the e-mail letter I received from GoDaddy. Read it. More importantly, understand YOU could be next.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our records indicate that you are responsible for the HOMELANDSECURITYUS.COM domain name and its hosted content. We have received complaints about your domain name and the contents of your website. Upon reviewing the situation, we have found that they are in violation on section 7 of your Domain Registration Agreement. (

We understand that this can be a very sensitive topic, and that there will likely be a difference of opinion as to the nature of the complaints. We are not making a determination in favor of either, but do not wish to be involved in such disputes.  As a result, we ask that you move the registration and hosting for these sites to another provider (Not affiliated with or our Reseller division,

If you can initiate this move within 48 hours of the transmission of this notice, there will not need to be any downtime for your site. If the transfer is not initiated by this time, we may have to suspend services to your website. We strongly recommend you reply to this message as to your intentions. This will further help insure that no unnecessary downtime results for your site.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  Please be aware that this decision is final, and we do not wish to debate the actual content of your site.


Network Abuse Department

24/7 Network Abuse Department

Hotline: 480-624-2505


To determine the nature of my transgressions, I contacted the abuse department.

I asked if it was a single complaint they received or a series of complaints. I asked if they would identify the specific article or articles that spurred complaint(s). In short, I asked the representative to review their files so I could be provided with answers – answers I felt I deserved.  The representative stated that there was not one specific article, but “it was the conclusion of the abuse department that the entirety of my site contains published information they found to be morally objectionable.” After rephrasing the question in an effort to secure more specific information, the investigator finally became a bit short-tempered and said that they had made their decision and that my site would be shut down for “morally objectionable content.” Period. When I asked if they would provide me with any information about the complainant, she emphatically said “no.”

As anyone knows, it takes time, money, and a lot of resources to move a large site from one server to another. It takes about 48 hours to point the DNS alone, so I was looking at the possibility of downtime.

Several hours later, still upset that I was given no information about what or who was behind this, I called the ISP abuse department back and spoke with an individual who seemed to be a bit more friendly. I repeated my initial questions, and although he refused to provide any specific details, he eventually gave me some clues without breaking ranks from his company policies on not telling their customers anything.  The clues pointed to Obama’s “truth teams.” It was also noted that the ranking on our site was rising and growing in traffic and popularity, and as such, it is becoming a natural target.

People such as Steve Quayle warned people about this taking place but has been routinely scoffed at on political forums, self-professed Christian sites, so-called “survival websites,” and by idiots in general who know nothing or by hired guns of this current administration. Steve Quayle and others are being vilified to this day by people who don’t have a clue about what they write on internet forums or their own sites. Someday, when it is too late, they will experience this censorship, but who will hear their objections?

No one will be left.

I find that sad that truth has become “morally objectionable”  to publish. I, for one, will not be silenced, and truth itself must not be silenced.

People MUST understand, before it is too late, that they will feel the direct impact of this “Truth Team” that is out in full force, scouring for any “objectionable” information posted by private websites. Perhaps it’s already too late. Regardless, I will remain in the fight, relocate out of the reach of these despicable Marxists, and continue the battle until my last breath. Regardless, people need to wake up now. There might not be a tomorrow.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

The ongoing coup against President Donald Trump has pivoted from Russia to Ukraine, as information about events taking place inside and surrounding Ukraine, former Vice-President Joseph Biden, Hunter Biden, and pay-to-play operations are gradually being made known to the American public. This “open secret,” however, has an even darker history that’s related to the “Arab Spring,” the attacks in Benghazi, and the “President Hillary Clinton War Plan” that was interrupted with the election of President Trump. 

I first published this report on July 24, 2014 – five-and-a-half years ago – based, in part, on information I received from a source with contacts inside the intelligence community. The “blowback” I received for publishing this article was more intense than I expected. In consideration of the headlines today, and the limited understanding by most people in the West about Ukraine, the larger plan for global conflict, and the relevance of Ukraine today, I decided to revisit and update my report. The following is the report published on July 24, 2014, with a few important updates. It proves that the information provided by my source with IC contacts was dead-on accurate. Additionally, I believe that it proves that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would have led the US – and the world – into their desired outcome of global conflict.   

Readers who followed my many reports exposing the truth about the September 11, 2012 attack of the CIA compound in Benghazi that killed four Americans have witnessed the painfully slow process of that truth gradually evolving into the mainstream, validating my information and source. I noted then and note now that we have witnessed the painfully slow process of various truths that gradually evolved into the mainstream, validating my information and source.

From beginning to end, the West, and particularly Americans, were lied to about nearly every aspect of the United States involvement, specifically under Barack Hussein Obama and the Hillary Clinton Department of State, in Libya, Syria and the entirety of the “Arab Spring” in the Middle East. These lies were deliberately advanced by a captured corporate media adherent to the same ideological bias as the Renegade-in-Chief – Barack Hussein Obama – and his staff of co-conspirators, combined with colluding pseudo-Conservative Republicans in Congress and their sycophants in the media to keep the truth from the American public.

The plain and simple truth that few are willing to address publicly is that we were being led into World War III by globalists who are busily setting fires to the geopolitical dry tinder spread across the Middle East, North Africa and now Ukraine to create a global conflagration. World War III needs to happen at any cost, and the environment is such that the slightest misstep, mistake or event by design could ignite a global conflict that will change the world forever. It’s just that simple.

Myopia of World Affairs

Those who dutifully watch the network news channels, listen to political talk radio or read the analysis of political and news pundits in print will fall perilously short of understanding the bigger picture of world events. We are watching a target-rich environment of increasingly dire headlines, each seemingly fundamentally different and unrelated. A more extensive investigation into each event, however, suggests otherwise. World events, despite their geographical distance and categorical differences, do not happen in a vacuum. The world superpowers are actively engaged in asymmetrical warfare by proxy. War by proxy, however, could change in an instant. We’re already seeing countries choosing sides in the coming global conflict.

It is admittedly difficult to understand how an invasion of illegal aliens is related to events taking place in North and West Africa and Ukraine, for example. Nonetheless, it is symptomatic of our myopic affliction that is exacerbated by the constant barrage of lies coming from our leaders and parroted by analysts, intellectuals, pundits and “experts” who ultimately work for the globalists. Others, perhaps, merely cannot see beyond the fictitious political paradigm or choose not to stray beyond their comfort zone of normalcy. Regardless of the affliction or reason, it’s time that we all address what is taking place as adults, as things are about to become deadly serious for each of us.

U.S., Russia, Syria, and Ukraine

Veiled by the dust cloud of the Arab Spring that has been shown to be planned, orchestrated and carried out in large part by Western intelligence interests spearheaded by a rogue criminal cabal of globalists led by the Renegade-in-Chief and his co-conspirators, the world watched as Hillary Rodham Clinton could not contain her glee that Libyan leader Gadaffi has been toppled and murdered.

That set in motion the creation of the largest international arms running operation in the Middle East in violation of U.S. and international law. Working in tandem with the British, French, Qataris and other countries advancing a Saudi agenda, hundreds of tons of arms shipments were being ferried from Libya to strategic staging areas near the Syrian border, including sites in Turkey.

The target was then and now (by the globalists) continues to be Syria. Warnings from Russia failed to slow or stop this agenda of taking out Assad and infusing Syria into the growing transnational Islamic Caliphate. Turkey, a vital member of NATO seemed to be caught “between Iraq and a hard place,” as the Saudi-backed West plans for reshaping the Middle East used that nation as a staging area to arm the otherwise impotent anti-Assad rebels with better equipment and manpower.

Perhaps that was the reason for the meeting between U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the Turkish representative at the villa in Benghazi. Perhaps it was to convey the message that Putin would no longer tolerate the deliberate destabilization inside Syria, which holds both economic and militarily strategic advantages for Russia. Yet, the process of Western-backed destabilization continues, although not in the manner that was initially intended.

As I previously noted based on information from my intelligence source, the rebels were to be eventually aided by NATO under a convoluted pretext of protecting the refugees and victims of this “spontaneous” civil war in Syria. Attempts to overtly intervene in Syria by Saudi-backed Western interests were attempted at least four separate times, yet each time the plans were thwarted and exposed. Alternate plans had to be implemented.

Today (in 2014), we see U.S. equipped and Western-backed ISIS, the most insanely ruthless Islamic war machine opening a new front against Syria. This was not by accident but by design, as the U.S. military virtually handed over the keys to the arms depots and vehicles left in Iraq. In addition to the retaking of Iraq city by city, Syria is next on their march in the larger scheme to build a Caliphate across the region. All of this is taking place with the imprimatur of Barack Hussein Obama, who by all appearances, seems to be a foreign asset of the Saudi royals. (2019 Note: This policy would have been further advanced by a Hillary Clinton Presidency, but was stopped by President Trump). Perhaps now those who had the audacity to vilify patriotic Americans who dared question his undocumented origins, bona fides and ultimately, his allegiance should consider the last six years.

With the Middle East in flames (in 2014) and as we stand at the precipice of global conflict, it is beyond the time that we should know to whom the Renegade-in-Chief answers, for it is certainly not the American people. Nor is it the Syrian people, where the Western-backed support of the rebels has caused over a quarter of a million deaths millions of refugees.

Against that backdrop, is it not clear that we are fully engaged in an all-out proxy war against Russia, from Syria and now to Ukraine? For it is a similar template used in Syria that we see in Ukraine.

As we are being fed a steady diet of misinformation about Ukraine and Russia, specifically about [the 2014] downing of two Ukrainian fighter jets, perhaps now would be a good time to ask a simple, but critically important question:

Is it possible, since Russia has one of the most extensive satellite and radar systems covering every inch of Ukraine and surrounding areas, that the fighter jets might very well be NATO assets, piloted by NATO pilots, and taking off from NATO airfields, maybe from places like Azerbaijan? How might such a revelation change the perception of world events, should it become known that NATO and other Western interests area behind the recent escalation?

Do not make the mistake of considering Libya, Syria and Ukraine as different crime scenes with different motives and suspects. At most, they can be considered as primary and secondary crime scenes, but the motives and bloody fingerprints of the usual globalist suspects are common to them all.

Like misanthropic serial killers, they will not stop until they’ve accomplished their objectives of the wholesale slaughter of a misled and myopic and population.

As stated by my intelligence source, this entire situation contains all of the elements that could result in things getting out of control very, very quickly. It’s time to lose the blinders, stop accepting the official narratives and abbreviated sound bites, and understand that our very existence is at stake.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

 remember it well. My first contact with my DHS “whistleblower” source was a middle-of-the-night conversation on May 25, 2012, some five-and-a-half years ago and well documented on this site and other sites, including Canada Free Press.

On that occasion, this source stated that “DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that ‘a civil war’ is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.”

That was several months before the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the man of questionable origins, dubious bona-fides and an inherent, visceral hatred for everything that made America a once-great nation. Obama had to win re-election to complete his task of destroying our Representative Republic. He was handily re-elected without much viable opposition, giving him additional time to complete his duties as the front man for his Globalist puppet masters.

As my insider source informed me in the many additional contacts we had, “plans, tactics and timetables change, but the objectives of these Globalists don’t.”

Now, let’s fast forward to the present. In an upset the Globalists did not see coming, President Donald J. Trump was elected by the people of America in a fair and free election. This, however, was not supposed to happen. After her coronation, Hillary Clinton was supposed to continue the unfinished tasks of Obama, transforming the U.S. into a fully Communist society that would better integrate with a Global collective. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, was simply not radical enough for the Globalist puppet masters of the Progressive base, which is really a Communist platform.

In the wake of the loss, the Communist operatives immediately went to work to cast doubt on the legitimacy of our elections. Much like the signature Benghazi video, the Russian-Collusion narrative was birthed out of desperation and necessity. It relentlessly continues today as the Shadow Government is using the mechanisms of our institutions in the form of an “Independent” Counsel to further delegitimize our President and his office. The intended result here is to provoke a Constitutional crisis that will send our nation into a deliberate state of chaos.

Meanwhile, the highly active Shadow Government, maligned as a conspiracy theory by the very people who comprise this agenda and their unwitting dupes, is in overdrive to compensate for the interruption of their agenda. Barry Soetoro, better known as Barack Hussein Obama II, is operational from his base on Embassy Row to tend to the business of taking America down from within.

In fact, one might assert that he has more latitude out of office and away from oversight. Consider the situation of Dr. Sebastian Gorka who recently departed from the inner circle of the West Wing. Undoubtedly, he will be engaged in a form of political trench warfare on behalf of the Conservative Right that might otherwise be impossible.

Globalist Task List

Now recall the warnings from my previous reports, based on the information given to me from my insider source. Also remember that the plans, tactics, strategies of the Globalist might change, but the objectives remain the same. The Globalist puppet masters want to tear America down. All of it. Their hatred for American is unmatched, as is their desperation now that Donald Trump is in office.

The Globalist task list adheres to a five-step program, which is essentially the formula used by George Soros to foment coups and uprisings across the globe:

  1. Form a Shadow Government;
  2. Take complete control of the media, including and especially the independent media;
  3. Destabilize the State;
  4. Provoke an Election Crisis;
  5. Assume Control of the Reins of Power.

Note here that George Soros, in his own words, has publicly lamented on America existing as a roadblock to a Communist collective:

The main problem to a ‘stable and just world order’ is the United States.” –George SorosThe Age of Fallibility.

The Shadow Government has existed inside the United States since 1947-48, or since the inception of the Central Intelligence Agency. It has undergone various iterations and refinements, and now comprise, as part of the Shadow Government – a subsection known as the Deep State. The tools available to the Shadow government are many, and now involve the use of the many technologies that did not exist even a decade ago.

Note: Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, will be our guest on The Hagmann Report tomorrow, Friday, September 1, 2017 to give his presentation on the Shadow Government based on his first-hand knowledge.

One can see how far along the Shadow Government is in their task of destroying America. Nonetheless, they have an enemy in Donald Trump, who is a formidable speedbump on the road to complete tyranny. While they continue to work on step 4 via Robert Mueller and the Republican establishment, there is a level of organization and flow of money being poured into step 3 unlike anything ever before seen.

Orchestrating the Chaos

Starting with “protest” marches concurrent with the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Communist resistance to a free Republic is being refined from the top down, populated from the bottom up, and fueled from the inside out. Does this sound familiar? It should, as it is from the mouth of Van Jones, a close confidante of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton who was briefly at the center of controversy as Obama was about to give him a West Wing position. Today, Jones is a political activist and involved in numerous “Progressive” political initiatives.

According to most recent information from my insider source within the beltway, combined with infiltration and investigation of various “activist” groups in the U.S. by investigators involved with my organization, the protest marches are being permitted to grow into an armed militant movement that will cause “flashpoints” of domestic unrest and armed conflict across the U.S.

Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” although momentarily interrupted by the victory of Donald Trump, will be facilitated by an armed resistance aided by holdovers inside government loyal to Obama, Clinton and the Globalist cause. They have had more than a decade of infiltration under Obama and the globalists, and intend to stay as long as possible. Meanwhile, they are arming for war to be conducted in the streets of America.

Red Guards – Austin

Groups including but not limited to Antifa, RevComm, and now Red Guards (Austin) are collecting weapons and preparing for an all-out assault under the pretext of fighting the Nazi oppression that they purport that Donald Trump and his supporters espouse. They are turning in their rocks and bottles for bullets and guns, and are receiving training from war veterans sympathetic to their cause.

One might laugh at the thought of the thuggish snowflakes, known by their obtuse behavior, being able to cause any such violence, at least effectively. Alone and without top-down coordination, perhaps a chuckle might be warranted. However, their efforts are being supplemented by powers inside the Shadow Government, a force multiplier that we mock or ignore at our peril.

As I discussed during my radio show today, war is coming to our streets as I warned over five years ago.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

On October 8, 2012, I wrote a column titled Lemmings.. At the precipice of WWIII that connected the dots between the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria and Russia. My report was published ten months before the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack in Ghouta that caused the excruciating deaths of an estimated 1500 men, women and children in this eastern suburb of Damascus and four-and-a-half years before the events of last week.

My 2012 report originated from information provided to me by one of two sources within the intelligence community who outlined the “big picture,” from the Arab Spring to Benghazi through the present. The information provided to me then was validated and expanded by a 2016 article titled Death Race Damascus Update and proved correct by the events of last week.

Accordingly, when I am contacted by this or other sources operating at the same level as I was on Saturday, I tend to pay attention. Based on information provided to me during that contact, it was made clear that the Globalist agenda is being ramped up and that their objectives have not changed. Furthermore, unless and until the big picture is understood, it will be difficult to properly contextualize and understand current events.

Excerpted from the 2012 article: “All that is needed now is for a dutiful media to present one image, a video, or some other ‘proof’ that Assad or someone else is using, or has their hands on, unconventional weapons. This will provide the necessary pretext for the U.S. and NATO, to intervene and ramp up the war against Assad.”

Exactly as scripted, that chemical weapons attack took place less than a year after my column was published. Internal pushback within our government, however, caused the reins to be pulled back on any military response in 2013. That pushback originated from the same growing sentiment that ultimately gave rise to a Donald J. Trump Presidential victory.

An “About Face”

On June 15, 2013, Donald Trump tweeted that intervention in Syria would be a serious mistake. Shortly after the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, Donald Trump tweeted, on September 5, 2013 “many very bad things will happen” should the U.S. respond militarily.

Today, speculation within the media and by talking heads is rampant about this “about face” of President Trump. Based on the information I received from my intelligence source on Saturday, April 8, 2017, “many bad things” are indeed about to happen. Additionally, very few of the pundits who are either siding with Donald Trump or castigating him about his military response have a clue about what lies ahead.

The reason behind the “about face” of President Trump are beyond the scope and purpose of this report, but will be addressed in future columns.

I would be remiss, however, not to point out that our current world position is the result of a quarter of a century of war and U.S. intervention in the Middle East, beginning in modernity with the “New World Order” dictates of former President George H.W. Bush as we entered “Desert Storm” in 1991.

More recently, eight years of advancing the Islamic agenda by Barack Hussein Obama II, as well as Hillary Rodham Clinton serving as a Muslim Brotherhood operative during her tenure as Secretary of State, the infiltration of our government by Muslim-Globalist-Communists over the last decade, and the growing incursion of Islamists, Socialists and admitted Communists in Congress has softened the backbone of the United States as intended.

Lastly, the parting actions of Barack Hussein Obama II and his assets within the intelligence community and military paved the way for his anticipated successor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to continue the reshaping the power structure of the Middle East for an Islamic Caliphate at the behest of Saudi Arabia. When the Clinton coronation failed to materialize, Obama instead exacerbated the situation by employing “scorched-earth” tactics within the intelligence agencies and the military hierarchy.

It is also critical for everyone to understand that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and many other high-ranking Republicans have acted in concert with Obama and are continuing their Globalist agenda unmolested.

Asymmetrical Response

The focus of this report is to understand that the response to U.S. intervention and the condemnation at the UN by US Ambassador Nikki Haley by Russia will be asymmetrical at first, patterned after the US actions against the former Soviet Union. The first blow will be to our economy and the US Petrodollar.

Putin remembers well the tactics and fatal blows that brought down the former Soviet Union, and will respond in kind against the United States. This makes sense when it is understood that the US Dollar exists as the world’s reserve currency because of our ability to assure the free flow of oil to the world.

The first target, then, will be the US Dollar and our economy. How this will play out is speculative, but a proxy attack against one of our naval assets to disrupt the flow of oil might be considered.

Further attacks against the US will be by proxy as well, including potential cyber-attacks that also target our financial base and our critical infrastructure.

Blame Game

It was not coincidental that the legitimacy of US President Donald Trump was—and continues to be—attacked by the Progressives and Globalists as he is depicted as an asset of Russia. Obama, working as an obedient operative of the Globalists, and the embedded Globalists themselves have hedged their bets to make certain that the fall of the United States is laid squarely on his lap, rather than at the hands of the enemies within.

Some might call it “misdirected attribution,” a phrase that depicts the tactics of the Deep State that has been exposed by Wikileaks. I prefer to call it what it is: Treason.

To paraphrase Donald Trump from 2013, one thing is certain: Many very bad things are about to happen.

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