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Craigslist link (search for pallets in your area) www.craigslist.com

If you’d like to go the pallet route for a garden box or multiple boxes, use the Craigslist link above….Punch in your town, a zip code or local city. Be sure you go to the “For Sale” section, then check the “Materials” section, “Free Stuff” section, also look though the “Farm and Garden” section.

You might be surprised what you find.

Another possible recourse I did not mention in the video is, Facebook Market Place. (Facebook is equal to Walmart in my book. I won’t use Walmart or anything Facebook.) That’s not saying, you can’t. I don’t know what you’ll find there. Who knows? You just might find things I’ve referenced.

Remember. I don’t have all the answers, use your imagination or resources you already have. Use your noggin and think outside “the box”. (Catch what I just threw out there? Reference the “box”?) Ok, it wasn’t funny.

Also, drive around locally, some businesses get shipments, and throw away the pallets the shipments came in on. It doesn’t hurt to stop and ask.

If you don’t “like” the idea of making “pallet” garden boxes, however you “like” the idea of raised bed gardening that I’ve brought up have a look at the links below. You might find something that works for you.



The Garden Tower SPACE SAVER! (Prep’n with Matt)

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