By Douglas J. Hagmann

The drums of war are beating, but nearly everyone is fooled by the direction of their echo. While the situation involving North Korea is indeed serious, the information provided by my military and intelligence sources is telling me to advise others to look elsewhere to pinpoint the location of the drums themselves accurately.

While their location might surprise most, it should send a chill down the spines of us all. We have front-row center seats to the greatest magic show of our time, which consists of a series of acts in the run-up to World War III.

To understand what is taking place with North Korea, as always, we must look at the larger picture. In this case, one’s understanding can be aided by putting the situation with North Korea in the context of a global magic show where North Korea serves as the magician’s distraction, perhaps the pretty assistant engaged in a series of moves to divert our attention away from the sleight of hand of the magician that makes the trick successful.

The headlining magician onstage in this act of global deception is China, aided by Russia as the close assistant. Well-placed shills might be identified as Iran and other nation-state-level terrorist groups. What we are witnessing, however, is much more nefarious than a lounge act as it is the culmination of an orchestrated asymmetrical war where life as we know it hangs in the balance. It is a complex, multi-part magic show that began long ago, although was more recently set into motion with the so-called “Arab Spring,” albeit with the brief interruption known as Benghazi.

We are watching as the final series of acts plays out before us. Some of us see through the magician’s fog. In contrast, others are merely content to watch the show unfold according to the program written by the global power brokers and distributed by the Obama regime and the dutiful corporate media.

Identifying the acts and actors

To understand what we are seeing on the world stage, it is important to identify the actors and the different acts of the show. Do not, however, depend on the Western media to provide you with any meaningful insight, as they are facilitators in this grand illusion that is being sponsored, in part, by the international bankers and globalists, who are the primary architects of all wars. Do not rely on the talking heads, political pundits, or even some conservative commentators, as many have been seduced and collectively mesmerized by the special effects that are part of the show or have agreed to become shills themselves for attendance to the “after-party.”

First, it is critical to understand that North Korea is a client state of China, which was elevated to its current level of power by the overt and covert actions by the likes of U.S. Presidents Nixon, Carter, and Clinton, with the assistance of globalists such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger, just to name a few. A review of recent history shows, without argument, how China benefitted from the deliberate actions of the Communist elements that infiltrated the United States over the last few generations. Communism is merely a stepping stone to the creation of global governance.

On the global stage, China has a vested interest in Iran, which, for better or worse, is the target of Western interests. The focus there, of course pertains to their nuclear weapon ambitions. China also has an interest in the stability of Syria, which is the backdoor for Iran. The fall of Syria would also have the consequence of destabilizing not only China, but their allies and client states in that area as well.

Also onstage is Russia, whose leader Vladimir Putin has maintained that Syria is Russia’s “red line” in the sand as I previously detailed last October.  Syria holds military and economic importance for Russia by not only acting as a firewall against further regional destabilization, but allowing the use of its deep, warm water seaport.

Meanwhile, the United States under the Obama regime has done much to advance the agenda of Saudi Arabia in their plans to create a Pan-Islamic state across the region. This is evident by our actions in Libya, where Benghazi served as a logistics hub to ship arms to the anti-Assad terrorists destined for use in Syria. This alone should explain the multi-levels of lies about the deadly events in Benghazi, and the reason that the American people have yet to hear the real truth about that historic terrorist attack.

The objective

As events relating to Syria and neighboring Iran begin to accelerate, so too does the rhetoric emanating from North Korea. Has everyone become so enamored by the onstage machinations of the magician’s assistant or fooled by the shills in the audience that the connection between these geopolitical events have become so very effectively obscured? Perhaps, but it is more likely that it is to avoid revealing the secrets of the magic act until it is too late.

The much visible agitation by North Korea is successfully diverting the Obama-Saudi agenda away from the creation of this Pan-Islamic empire by purposely diverting our military resources into this additional theater of operation, while simultaneously straining our economic and even our diplomatic resources. It serves to divert our attention from the real on-stage action; Syria and ultimately, Iran, while simultaneously and asymmetrically attacking on the soft underbelly of America, which is our economy.

The “secret” to this onstage magic trick consisting of many different acts can be easily be exposed if one simply looks at the events offstage within the last month alone. And these events are indeed ramping up. As reported by The New York Times,  Chinese President Xi Jinping held historically important talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month “to promote deeper cooperation with Russia.” According to China, they are “making their relations with Russia a priority.”

Further and perhaps more significant are the vastly underreported rapid, surprise joint military exercises held by Russia and China in the South China Sea. Can anyone not see that this was intended to send the U.S. a very clear and unambiguous message that further meddling in Syria, which continues now through arms shipments in part through Croatia, will not be tolerated?

It should be perfectly clear to anyone not listening to the corporate media that this new China-Russia relationship is also in response to the economic wars being waged by the purveyors of the U.S. fiat currency, the U.S. dollar. An intrinsically vital component to this magic show was also underreported by Western media, which is the very significant increase of the gold reserves held by both China and Russia. As reported by our own financial insider and further detailed in a recent article by Jim Willie, the Russia-China alliance is part of a larger economic initiative that will result in removing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And for good reason, it should be added, as the purveyors of the insanity of Keynesian economics is not only a deliberate ploy to destroy our own economy but the economies of other nations.

Their intent is to usher in a global currency and, with it, global governance. After all, the old adage of “he who owns the gold, rules” applies here. And look who actually owns the gold. Has anyone been able to audit our own gold reserves, those reportedly held in Fort Knox and under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve?

As you watch the various acts of this global magic show progress, do not become mesmerized by the diversions of the magicians’ assistants and shills. Look at the larger picture and what is taking place behind the magician’s fog. You will see that the fog obscures the real hands of the hidden actors of this asymmetrical war: Russia and China, as they attempt to stop the Saudi-backed Obama regime who are hell-bent on creating a Muslim Brotherhood-led Pan-Islamic state across the Middle East

While we have been at war for some time, most people have remained under the spell of the onstage play. Their attention has been directed elsewhere, exactly as it is now done with North Korea.

This agenda was clearly detailed in my previous reports about Syria and Benghazi, and eloquently written by Michael Reagan in his October, 2012 article Building on a Kernel of Truth where he clearly stated that “the U.S., and several other allies, including Saudi Arabia, are engaged in a proxy war with Russia and Iran in Syria.” Reagan adds that “[f]or Russia, Syria, not Iran, is the hidden tripwire for WWIII… and the battles this time around will not favor us by focusing on our military strengths.  Instead, our opponents intend to tear a page from the last chapter of this chronicle and attempt to defeat us by attacking our vulnerable economic underbelly: our oil-backed dollar.”

Yes, the situation involving North Korea is serious, but the seriousness does not exist in the obvious. Look deeper.

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