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60. Space X Will Likely Launch Starship in 2 Months…The 395 feet rocket built by Elon Musk’s firm SpaceX is ready to take off. The company shares aerial photos of the rocket on its orbital launch pad at its Texas facility in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX is planning to carry humans to space using a two-stage spacecraft composed of Starship (the passenger-carrying section) and the Super Heavy rocket booster

59. Decades-old nuclear bomb set to be disposed at Kirtland Air Force Base. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – After 60 years of sitting in storage, a massive inert nuclear bomb is now at Kirtland Air Force Base for its final disposal. The 25-ton MK 17 Legacy Nuclear Weapon System Trainer was built in 1954 at the height of the Cold War.

58. Saudi Leaders Say They Are Ready to Normalize Relations with Israel, US. Two years after the signing of the Abraham Accords – and for the first time in history – the senior leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia say they are, in fact, now ready to normalize relations with the State of Israel. But first, the Saudis say, they need to normalize relations with Washington which are more strained and tense than any time in the eight decades since the U.S.-Saudi alliance began.

56. Read about the 1983 movie “V”. The plot is brilliant in that it talks about the Biblical Great Deception at the beginning of the 7-year tribulation in a secular story.

55. Pope Francis says he would baptize aliens: ‘Who are we to close doors?’ Pontiff made the out-of-this-world pledge during homily on acceptance.

51. As 2023 begins, the world is facing a set of risks that feel both wholly new and eerily familiar. We have seen a return of “older” risks – inflation, cost-of-living crises, trade wars, capital outflows from emerging markets, widespread social unrest, geopolitical confrontation and the spectra of nuclear warfare – which few of this generation’s business leaders and public policy-makers have experienced. Download this report.

48. The “666” secret hidden in the Great Seal of The United States… from Stan Deyo’s book, “The Cosmic Conspiracy.”

47. The image that appears when one spins a coin with both sides of the Great Seal placed one each on each side.

48. The ten world kingdoms proposed by the Club of Rome in this paper, “The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind” from 1972… as illustrated in “The Cosmic Conspiracy.”

47. New space telescope observing creation of stars “consistent with Day Four of Genesis,” Dr. Schroeder says. Dr. Schroeder reacted to the new finding by saying it was “entirely consistent with the story of Creation.”

“I was asked how it was that God created light on the first day but the stars and heavenly bodies weren’t created until the fourth day,” Dr. Schroeder said to Israel365 News. “This is consistent with what physicists are learning now; that the universe was opaque at first and then began radiating. Stars had yet to be formed but there was energy.”

Dr. Schroeder explained this in Biblical terms. “Genesis describes that on the first day of creation, there was radiation of energy which is essentially light,” Dr. Schroeder said. “The Torah says that there was or, simple light, or what the physicists call radiation of energy. ‘On the fourth day, Genesis describes m’orot, the heavenly bodies that give off light,’ Dr.Schroeder said. ‘By observing the creation of stars, astrophysicists are studying the transition from the first day of creation to the fourth day of creation, or what the physicists call cosmic noon.

46. Lecture by Trey Smith of “God in A Nutshell” giving incredible information about not only the Ark that Noah built but also about things in the Book of Jasher and Enoch. He explains a lot of ancient mysteries. I was mesmerized as his talk unfolded. – Stan

44. Large eruptions: There have only been two eruptions bigger than 2 cubic kilometers in the last 25,000 years. The most recent was the 232AD ‘Taupo? eruption’, 1800 years ago. This eruption had an estimated volume of 35 cubic kilometers. The second was the Waimihia eruption 3500 years ago, which was about 7.5 cubic kilometers in size (think a magma volume 7x bigger than the volume of Mt Ngauruhoe).

39. NASA released a mesmerizing, 133-day time-lapse of the sun that shows the stellar activity from Aug. 12 through Dec. 22, 2022. The time-lapse is comprised of tens of thousands of individual photographs taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which has been focused on the sun for nearly 13 years. The result was one of the richest and biggest repositories of solar image data available to humankind.

38. An international team including scientists from the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, detected the unusual pattern of reversal of magnetic fields in the Sun during the 24th 11-year solar cycle. They showed that the Sun’s southern hemisphere reversed its polarity in mid-2013 whereas the reversal of the field in its northern hemisphere occurred 2.5 years later, after a sustained period of near-zero field strength.

37. Solar Cycle 25 is Exceeding Predictions and Showing Why We Need the GDC Mission.

December 2019 marked the beginning of Solar Cycle 25. The Sun’s activity has quickly ramped up and even though we haven’t reached peak levels in this cycle, the Sun’s activity is already exceeding predictions. Solar events will continue to increase as we near solar maximum in 2025, and our lives and technology on Earth, as well as satellites and astronauts in space, will be impacted.

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