By Randy Taylor

This is one of those written pieces that couldn’t be titled until after it had been written. It is a compilation of numerous thoughts, opinions, and, yes, stating the obvious. I’m finding that stating the obvious is a term that one must use cautiously as much of the population has been reprogrammed, dumbed down, and some are simply stupid. The reprogramming has 

been going on since birth, and the ‘dumbed down’ was set in motion about the time the reprogramming was initiated. The’ dumbed down’ is a sort of continuous measurement affected by people’s consumption of media, television, radio, and, yes, even podcasts. 

The fundamental programming started with CNN and the 24-hour broadcasts. Reasoning, it was on 30-minute loops and became the background noise for offices, waiting rooms, television stores, and at home. I found more people had CNN on for background noise than they did radios. Anyone familiar with subliminal programming would see exactly how valuable this would be regarding programming people. It brought tons of advertising dollars for the news giants, but the real prize was the funding and favors extended to these media giants by the US Government to capture and manipulate the minds of the citizens of the planet.

This process started in the USA and went worldwide as the market for the human mind expanded. It is precisely why many governments became directly involved in setting up “state-owned media” in countries like China, Russia, and North Korea. One obvious issue would be the content pumped out 24 hours a day to an unsuspecting population. A communist government would find that after years of this repetition and subliminal seduction, the population was easier to manage and control. Even Socialist countries like Canada could manipulate the people through control of the media, that being the consumption of the “narrative, or “the agenda” of the ruling government and consumed subconsciously by the population. A person you have heard of said that if you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it. That person was Joseph Goebbels, Chief Propagandist for the Nazi Party. 

*If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Josef Goebbels

As we have witnessed continuously over the years, that formula works, and it has been effectively deployed on almost every person in the world by one government or another. Certain regions, for instance, in Africa, haven’t really experienced this for a few obvious reasons. One is the lack of the chronology, and another is the man with the AK-47 riding through the village.

Teaching Your Children to Be Free Thinkers

In our household, we don’t often watch the legacy news when children are present. When we do, it’s minimal and selective. As parents, we ensure that we answer any of the children’s questions about the news immediately. This is critical as you can see the struggle, the fight between parents, schools (the government) for the minds of our children. Sadly, too many parents have relinquished control of their children to the government and do not realize what they have done. 

A simple test to see if you have lost control is to ask your child a simple question about any CURRENT subject matter, say sexuality, for instance, shut up and let the child tell you what they know about it without interrupting them. When they are finished, you evaluate what was just said. Surprise! You may be in for a shocker. Parents often get too busy to do this simple test.

Parents get too busy to make sure that everyone meets around the dinner table at least twice a week. You might be honest with yourself and consider whether this simple problem solver is in play with your kids at home. The only way to fix a problem is first to acknowledge that there is a problem. You are not doing your job if you are not reviewing and approving your children’s knowledge intake. You are not raising your children. Someone else is, and that instrument of learning is evil, corrupt, and trying to take your child from you, mentally now but will ultimately become physical someday. 

The purveyors of these evil doctrines are going after younger and younger victims. 

It used to be that most of the Liberal Left mindset was being implanted into the young ones in colleges or universities, and it was painfully obvious. The left, the preachers, and teachers of alternatives to sexuality, government, capitalism, right and wrong would slowly reprogram children to their way of thinking in four short years. This was easy to do especially with the children who lacked a solid belief system instilled into them at a young age and through their development years. Now they are going after the children K-12 with their alternative and evil thinking. 

I never thought I would see transsexuals, crossdressers, and groomers being allowed access to grade school and high school children to perform their sick, sexually perverted ideology in front of kids. Even worse are the school administrators and board members who, on behalf of parents, entrusted their children to these sexual deviants and perverts. The administrators, board members, principals, and teachers who endorse and allow this should all be arrested and jailed. The parents who enable and support this should have their kids removed from their homes as they are not fit to be parents.

Before some disturbed leftist starts screaming that I am a racist or biased against homosexuals, I’ll set the record straight – I am not. I have nothing against homosexuals, provided they aren’t trying to elevate themselves higher than anyone else in the social system, which means suppressing or trampling someone else’s rights to improve their self-perceived social standing and rights. 

Everyone is equal. People that throw the word “racist” around in these discussions are ignorant, as this has nothing to do with race. If you are a homosexual, that’s your business. Do not make it mine. There is no bigotry here, folks. Pride is not limited to gay or bisexual people. Heterosexual people have a right to take pride in their sexuality as well, especially when challenged about their sexuality. This sexual discussion has no business in public and rarely in social settings unless everyone there is comfortable with this level of disclosure. For some people, it is uncomfortable to discuss, which should also be respected. The old rule was never discuss religion or politics in any social setting. Truthfully, discussions about sexuality should probably be added to that list.

That said, I am very much against groomers, people that sexually exploit children, perverts that expose themselves to children, pedophiles, people that support any of these types mentioned, and irresponsible parents and other adults that allow it. I trust I’m clear on this. 

These types of sexually deviant practices have no business around children. Waving one’s penis in a child’s face is wholly unacceptable, and any parent that challenges this or takes action against these perverts and the people that endorse this deviancy is, in my humble opinion, 100 percent within their rights to remedy the situation to a point where the problem will not reoccur. These are our children, not the government’s children. If I’m on the jury, you will be going home to your children. Period. End of story.

To tie all of this together and to show how this deviant type of behavior becomes accepted or ignored, you will note that the media had to jump right in the middle of this now public discussion and, even worse, force their narrative on everyone, on every channel, 24 hours a day. 

This is a subject that joins a growing list of FASCISM IN MOTION topics such as COVID, Climate Change, CO2 emissions, fossil fuels, immigration, all issues where you have FASCIST GOVERNMENTS telling you who you will accept and not accept, behaviors that you are told to accept and which ones you will not accept, which political opinions are acceptable and which are not permitted, what will be distributed in the media and what will be rejected, often against your God-given belief system. 

You are being told and controlled on what you will eat and will not eat. What types of vehicles you will drive, and which ones you will not be allowed to even own. Whether your appliances are gas or electric, although both fuel sources are readily available. Government censorship, threats against your “Social Credit Score” for having an opposing opinion. Government has content control over free speech on the television and the Internet. 

And the strangest thing is the fact that the ones accusing us of Fascism, are actually the fascists themselves.   

Be Safe. Stay Vigilant.

July 15, 2023

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