All the items listed below are what I use or have used in the past. The products have proven to work. There are thousands of similar products available. You do not have to use exactly what I use. I am going to repeat myself, and I will continue to do so. I do not have any affiliation, agreements or contractual agreements with any products listed or venders for financial gain.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s do this.

This is an extensive and long link page with written descriptions. Take your time and give it a serious read all the way to the end.

Starter Seed Pods link from amazon:

Transplant Peat Pots link from amazon:

For the heat mats I showed, they do make different sizes! I personally use the 10×20.75” because that “fits” what I’m doing. When you’re looking at those, just be alert to the fact they are available in different sizes.

BN Heat Mats link from amazon:

Full Spectrum LED Lights

Again, the LED Full Spectrum lights I’m using are not the only full spectrum lights out there. There are so many shapes, sizes and wattage’ one can get a headache from looking and seeking them out. Different lights can apply to different needs.
These are what I selected, and (again) they work for me.

TUHPIBK 600W Led Grow Light link from Amazon

For those of you who DO NOT BUY ONLINE OR FROM AMAZON, you’ll have to dig a little deeper for the Full Spectrum LED Lights and the Heat Mats. Find a local indoor grow shop, even if it’s a marijuana grow store, you might even strike iron at a local nursery. If the nursery doesn’t have lighting. ASK THEM where you could possibly source them local to you.

Also, research it via the internet (locally) you might hit pay-dirt quickly.

Local box stores will have Starter Seed Pods and the Transplant Peat Pots. The hunt won’t be challenging to source those locally.

Seed Starting Soil

MAKE SURE you purchase ORGANIC Seed starting Soil! If you can’t find what I’m using, that okay! Just be SURE it SAYS “ORGANIC” We have no “real idea” what kind of “stuff” is put into “processed” soils! (Just like foods we consume) Right? Do we really know?

You’ll find Seed Starting Soil at various locations local to you, try shopping local with your dollar first, try a nursery, Feed & Grain stores, Ace Hardware, or your local “Do-It-Yourself” general store first. If that turns up to be a “nothing burger” then move on to Tractor Supply, Lowes, Costco, Sam’s Club (yes, I know Sam’s is Walmart) BJ’s Wholesale Club (I’m holding my nose as I types the next two….) Home Depot, Walmart. Or a local home and garden center. Try Menards as another possibility, they are nationwide.

Potting Soil will fall in the same line as Seed Starting Soils. Follow the pattern from it and you’ll find yourself ORGANIC Potting Soil.

Seed Sites I’ve used that WORK

My Patriot Supply site link:

Wood Prairie Family Farm also has a RESOURCE section in the menu, USE IT for research and tips! Wood Prairie Family Farm site link:

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange also has outstanding resources section “built into” their site, they have a HUGEEE selection of stuff you can use. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange site link:

Burpee organics also has a website you can buy directly from, Burpee also has a “Garden Guide” section, that’s found in the menu on the site. One can also see the products that are sold by Burpee. Burpee site link:

Different seed “brands” you should be able to locate local to your location.

Please Remember, you’re looking for ORGANIC NON-GMO seeds at a minimum, at best, you want “Organic Heirloom” Here we go…
⁃ Seeds Of Change
⁃ Livingston
⁃ Burpee
⁃ Ferry-Morse

• This is NOT the end all, be all list of organic seeds.
• This is what I’ve used, tried and proven to be worth the investment.

The next two link I’m providing are CRUCIAL for you, to open, follow and understand. They are detailed and very comprehensive “Planting Zone” maps with information for YOUR State! The detail provided is INCREDIBLE, and what I refer to as “mind bending!” Be sure to comb through BOTH sites. Each site has different information that I view as being highly relevant to understanding “Theory and Operation” of grow zones, temperatures, seasons, crops for your area, and so so much more.


Open BOTH up, dig deep into it, understand it and APPLY the information for your situation. This will save you from suffering from the “But I Didn’t Know!” Syndrome.


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