By Douglas J. Hagmann

Every politician or government leader who has compromised our border security or advocated for the same has blood on their hands. Every Oval Office occupant, past or present, regardless of political party, who has been soft on our border has blood on their hands. Every member of congress who refused to enhance or even enforce border security has blood on their hands, as does every mayor or council member advocating their so-called “sanctuary cities,” the utopian destination of career criminal aliens.

Meet Silvestre Franco-Luviano, 40,  a Mexican national who is in the United States illegally. He first entered the United States illegally in 1996, and was deported after a criminal conviction. He then re-entered the United States in 2009, but was caught and deported… again. In 2011, he was arrested in Austin, Texas and sentenced to eight months in jail. He was ultimately deported a third time in 2014.

During the early morning hours of Monday, Franco-Luviano once more surfaced in the United States, although this time he was the subject of a Texas manhunt. He was the prime suspect in a shooting spree around Austin, Texas that took the lives of two men, 44-year-old Welton Betts and 23-year-old Ruben Moreno in separate incidents during the same spree. Two victims whose lives were cut short and two families whose lives are forever changed by a career criminal walking freely inside the U.S., thanks to the deranged policy of the progressive globalists.

The same mentally deranged progressives will blame guns rather than those who use them. The same people who have a cadre of security for themselves, for the rules don’t apply to them, only us. They are the same people who place more emphasis on using politically correct phrases to describe those who have infiltrated our nation than the actions of the criminals themselves.

You can read about the murderous exploits of this criminal illegal alien here, and the local coverage of this horrific story here.  However, don’t expect this example of the deliberate Balkanization of our nation to be mentioned by the corporate-controlled media, or the delusional followers of the progressive globalists.

Of course, this is far from the first time an illegal alien has been arrested for murder and sadly, it will not be the last. But it needs to be placed in the spotlight to illustrate how this insidious, deliberately orchestrated attack on the very social fabric of our nation is being used to advance the agenda of the globalists.

In February, 2015, Barack Hussein Obama issued a warning to Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents: Stop deporting illegal aliens, except those with felony records. The message from Obama to ICE agents who choose to follow the law instead of his orders: “They’ve got a problem.”

No, Mr. Soetoro, we have a problem. It’s the problem of lawlessness that you and your ilk have promoted to the detriment of every citizen of our nation. It’s a problem that will continue unabated by the election of the queen of all globalists, Hillary Clinton, and by the retention of congressional eunuchs who have sold our national sovereignty for a seat at the globalist trough.

The enemy is already inside the proverbial gate, and the gate remains open for more criminals and terrorists to enter unmolested.

If you’re not righteously angry, you’re not paying attention.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Take a good long look at the face of this 4-year-old boy. He could be your child, your grandchild, or your nephew. The photo seems to reflect childhood innocence,  an innocence that is so treasured and so valued that it must be protected at all costs. Who among us could deny that this precious little boy deserves to be protected, and deserves to experience the joys of a secure childhood like most of us had so long ago?

Funny, that, for it is the same people who argue that they are acting “for the children” when instead, they are criminally responsible for destroying their childhood, by ruthlessly and shamelessly exploiting them for their own geopolitical agenda. Worse yet, it’s all being done in your name, in our names, with our collective, tacit approval. For behind this face of innocence is a veil of darkness so black that it should shake you to your core as you look at the next image of this same young boy.

Behind the black mask is the face of the young boy identified only as Muhammad, depicted here shooting an AK-47 in Syria. You’ve probably seen it, or at least heard about it. But do you know the whole story behind it? Do you know that it’s our government—your government—that is behind these unspeakable atrocities? Averting your gaze and claiming that this is mere hyperbole might make you feel more comfortable, but it will not change the fact that many of us have looked away for far too long or clung to the belief that what we are seeing is a centuries-old artifact of Islamic savagery.  Whatever helps you sleep at night. However, that does not change the truth, a truth from which you cannot flee.

For those unfamiliar with the images, they were copied from a video uploaded to the Internet titled “A message from one of the cubs of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” known by the acronym ISIS. The video depicts this young boy, identified only as Muhammad, barely able to hold the weapon yet maintaining his posture as his proud father stands behind him amid shouts of “Allahua Akbar.” It’s a video that our elected officials from both sides of the aisle, the power elite, and the globalist policymakers didn’t want you to see as the original video was scrubbed from the Internet. Only snippets of the original video remain, having been copied and reposted elsewhere. Nonetheless, the unintended message is clear. Welcome to the hell on earth that is being conducted in your name, with your tacit approval.

It’s a reality that is too disturbing, but one of our own making through the blindness caused by our partisan politics and normalcy bias. It is our death grip on a false political paradigm that has blinded us to the larger agenda of the globalist monsters who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. It’s a reality brought to you courtesy of the Progressives including Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and the “Neo-Cons” from George H.W. Bush to every sitting member in congress who supports the policies of intervention in Syria and across the Middle East. Nearly every member of Congress, the Executive Branch, the Judiciary, and others, from advisors to lobbyists who support such policies, regardless of their political affiliation, have sold their souls and allegiance to the higher power of a globalist agenda in your name. While they claim to intervene “for the sake of the children,” the blood of the innocents is on their hands. Like the unclothed emperor, the captured Western media dares not tell of covert, Western-backed assistance to the same terrorist groups who have killed and maimed so many of our own.

What you are witnessing here is the extension of the activities that took place in Libya, specifically Benghazi, where the United States, the British, French, and Saudi Arabia were involved in the largest arms-running operation in the world, all in direct violation of international law. As I have written so many times, Benghazi was never a scandal, but a criminal enterprise conducted by the power elite of Western governments having the objective of toppling Assad and destabilizing Syria. This is part of a much larger agenda that includes the well-planned and finely orchestrated Arab Spring, which was planned years in advance.

Yet, MSNBC types like Chris Matthews continue to wallow in the self-delusion that the deaths and destruction in Benghazi were the results of some obscure internet video, the origins of which should raise many questions. Such questions will never be asked by such pseudo-journalists like Matthews, who readily drinks the Kool-Aid from the same trough as many of the “Neo-Con warmongers” he claims to detest so much. Matthews’ love of his personal messiah and his cohorts, and the rabid right-wing cheerleaders serving as water boys for their personal political saviors, all serve to obfuscate the reality you see in the images shown here.

Our government is out of control by assisting terrorist groups in achieving their own despicable and diabolical ends to reshape the world according to the objectives of the globalists. Meanwhile, the corporate media facilitates this agenda of death by rewriting current events to protect their own. Make no mistake, the operation that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi under Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John O. Brennan as well as their foreign counterparts is continuing by other means. Yet no one is calling for accountability. No one is asking the right questions that require answers that would potentially expose their political icon to the wrath of truth. Instead, we’ve got a bunch of shameless politicians, an impotent press, and clueless columnists hell-bent on convincing the American public that we’re fighting the good fight, for the sake of the children and their future. How dare you?

To me, the photographic evidence and the amply documented list of lies and damn lies prove otherwise. It is time to hold the purveyors of perversion accountable for their deeds. Who among us will be valiant for the sake of truth and justice? Who among us will be the voice of that young boy, armed by a bipartisan, globalist cabal of those seeking to reshape countries in our name? Who among us will speak on behalf of that young boy, who is being mercilessly used as cannon fodder in your name?

The sounds coming from the barrel of the AK-47 held by a 4-year-old cover the deafening silence of those in the seats of power and those tasked to confront them. May God help them, and may God help us all if we choose to remain silent.

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