Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, 26, a/k/a Thomas Zhao, of Monterey Park, California, pleaded guilty last October to one count of conspiring with a CCP intelligence officer and one count of receiving a bribe for military secrets. From August 2021 through May 2023, Zhao received nearly $15,000 in at least 14 separate bribe payments from the intelligence officer for secret military information regarding “U.S. Navy operational security, military training and exercises, and critical infrastructure.” Notably, Zhao entered restricted military and naval installations to collect and record this information.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice and court documents, Zhao “transmitted plans for a large-scale maritime training exercise in the Pacific theatre, operational orders and electrical diagrams and blueprints for a Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar system located in Okinawa, Japan.” He also “used sophisticated encrypted communication methods to transmit the information, and destroyed evidence and concealed his relationship with the intelligence officer. Zhao’s conduct violated his official duties to protect such information and the oath he swore to protect the United States.”

A sentence of twenty-seven-(27) months? A fine that leaves him nearly $10,000 in the black with his bribery payments? Read Daniel Greenfield’s report about Zhao, How Does a Navy Sailor Spying for China Come Away With Only 2 Years in Prison? HERE. Also, consider:

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