By Dr. James, Contributing Columnist

In a world once vibrant, now veiled in gloom,
Where liberties fade, lost in the room.
Government’s grip grows stronger each day,
Our freedom wanes, slipping away.

In the name of security, they claim their might,
But at what cost, our sacred birthright?
Our voices silenced, our rights suppressed,
A nation adrift, in distress.

Oh, how we long for the days of old,
When liberty’s flame burned bright and bold.
Where patriots fought, for freedom’s embrace,
And honored God, with love and grace.

But now, the spirit of freedom is confined,
As shackles of control tightly bind.
The government’s hand, a heavy weight,
Suppressing the spirit, sealing our fate.

God’s presence fades, from public sight,
Replaced by darkness, in the name of right.
Yet deep within our souls, a fire still burns,
A longing for truth, for justice returns.

We must rise as patriots, united and strong,
Defending the values we’ve cherished so long.
With unwavering faith, we’ll reclaim our land,
Restoring the liberties, hand in hand.

Let us stand true, with courage and might,
In defense of freedom, shining bright.
Together we’ll rise, in the name of the free,
Rekindling the spirit of liberty.

For in our hearts, the flame will ignite,
Guiding us forward, through the darkest night.
With God as our guide, we’ll never be lost,
Our patriotism shining, no matter the cost.

So let us gather, as patriots true,
Embracing the values we hold onto.
Defending our freedoms, with unwavering zeal,
In the pursuit of liberty, our spirits will heal.

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