I’ve written several reports about a very specific case making its way through the US court system – Missouri v. Biden, et al, and the facts that are being uncovered that the government, legacy media, and social media platforms don’t want you to know.

See Government Censorship & Fauci Lies Documented in Latest Missouri et al. vs. Biden et al. Filing.

As reported by Tracy Beanz in an article titled The Lead Up to the Hearing: Missouri v. Biden, [t]he complaint alleged that the US Government was not only threatening and coercing social media companies to censor Americans on social media, but they were also working WITH social media companies to accomplish that goal.

Read more of Tracy Beanz stellar reporting here: Bombshell Court Order Outlines Proven Government/Big Tech Censorship.

Without fear of overstating the importance of the case, this is one of the most important civil liberties cases in American history. 


CISA and the FBI worked together to censor the Biden laptop story. NIAID and NIH conspired to censor the lab leak theory and the Great Barrington Declaration. NIAID is embedded in White House censorship activities. CISA and GEC coordinate with each other and with NGOs like the Election Integrity Project-

This isn’t a guess. They have the evidence. This happened.

And if you thought it stopped with just agencies, you would be wrong—high-level congressional staffers coordinated with the FBI and social media in secret meetings. The partnership between the White House and Congress gives coercive force to the censorship activities, and there are texts to prove it.

Tracy Beanz – Uncover DC

Read it all HERE

By Douglas J. Hagmann

THOSE who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it. – Thomas Paine

There are few hinge moments in history that cannot be subject to overstatement. This is one. I write this first message in the spirit of Thomas Paine, an activist in revolutionary politics, at which time we again find ourselves, however on a larger scale. Let us remember that unlimited power belongs only to God.


Perhaps we should be thankful for those behind the COVID related mandates, those who implemented them, and those who forced their compliance. Never has a single event in modern history so conspicuously laid bare the inherent evil intent, hubris, and blatant hypocrisy of national and world leaders, the elected and unelected, corporate entities, the media, the overseers of our children, and others tasked with the implementation of their madness.

What once was spoken of only in hushed tones and relentlessly mocked, the existence of a cabal so despicably evil, is now being spoken to the world. Their wiles, their deviant stratagems, injurious to all areas of our lives and within the entire fabric of our moral societies, has been brought to public display.

They, and their wretched minions, have infiltrated every place of our existence in Western society. They are forcing us into our own cruel and sadistic destruction with demonic delight, while laughing and mocking our dutiful compliance. Anyone who sees not the full extent of the evil that threatens them is either a charlatan or fool. Let them suffer in their wickedness or naivete unlamented, without regret.

They have ignited the slow-burning, latent embers of the steely resolve of a disparate population across the continents. These so-called “enlightened ones,” with their self-appointed arbiters of what is true and factual, despite our unmistaken perception and rational intellects, have awakened an unrequited desire to wrest back our God given rights and freedoms from their evil designs to forever banish us from society, to enslave us, and to rob us of our Godly inheritance. We desire to live free or die in this noble quest, and so we shall, for there are no acceptable alternatives.

We inherited the ability to live free through the blood and toil of our forefathers, yet we’ve squandered our inheritance through our failures, including our unwillingness to risk our immediate comforts or our reputations, and our ill-fated tolerance of countless, irrational absurdities. Perhaps it should be with gratitude that we now have been wrested from our slumber and away from the comforts that we once considered secure. Like our comfort, our civility is our vice.

Every globalist and each criminal conspirator doing their bidding, whether freely or reluctantly, is a cuckold of the devil himself. The architects of our enslavement, wherever they exist, must be held to account, by the people if it must be. Let it be known that a peaceful coexistence with evil is impossible, and therefore, a permanent reconciliation is inevitable.

So too are the poltroons, the enablers, enforcers, and those who act under the influence of self-interest. Their cowardice and cruelty feeds from the trough of passivity and complacence. They will starve and wither when confronted with the resolve of the righteous.

No longer shall we be compelled to tolerate the absurd, the un-Godly, and the slow poisoning of our progeny, whether the latter is done without consent in the literal, or ensconced in ridiculous redefinitions that defy actual science, biology, morality, and settled norms. The same architects of faux enlightenment are involved in both and all that mock science and virtue.

It is now time not to decide, but to decide to act. Just as our brothers and sisters have suffered and been given no quarter for standing up, speaking up and showing up, we must offer the architects of fear and captivity no quarter.

As cited by Thomas Paine, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;” and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty. 

May God in heaven guide our steps.

As published in the Wisconsin Christian News

By Douglas J. Hagmann

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you, or someone in your family, is (or will be) a person of interest to federal, state, or local law enforcement. If you care about what is being taught to your children or grandchildren and voice concern over objectionable material, you are the newest domestic terror threat.

On October 4, 2021, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to meet in the next 30 days with state and local law enforcement agencies to discuss the latest domestic terrorist threat: parents who oppose or even question certain subject matter being taught to their children. Voicing opposition to the instruction of critical race theory (CRT), gender studies, or any other controversial subject matter can result in you being turned over to the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center (NTOC) for threat assessment. According to a source within the U.S. Department of Justice contacted by this investigator exclusively for Wisconsin Christian News, other issues unrelated to curricula, such as voicing opposition to the enforcement of arbitrary mask mandates and related rules, could warrant equal threat assessment.

As people are beginning to wake up to the objectionable material being taught to school children and the imposition of arbitrary and irrational rules related to the response to the coronavirus, they are showing up and speaking out at local school board meetings. They are posing legitimate questions to school board officials who are not used to being questioned, especially with the passion of a concerned parent. Board members who have chosen indoctrination over education, unlawful mandates over basic freedoms, now feel threatened. On behalf of the school boards and their members, the National School Boards Association (NSBA), an organization representing more than 90,000 school board members in 14,000 public school districts in the U.S., contacted the Biden Department of Justice to intervene against the parents. NSBA Interim Executive Director Chip Slaven compared the public objections at recent meetings to “a form of domestic terrorism.” Accordingly, the Biden Department of Justice eagerly enlisted the full resources of the FBI at the direction of AG Garland and will be working with law local law enforcement agencies to quell any parental displays of discontent.

Americans in general and parents in particular, have had enough. They are awake to the warped political agendas being forced upon our children under the guise of “public” education. They are speaking out against the indoctrination of our children by teachers who take delight in forcing their perverse sexual ideologies, revisionist history and race-baiting madness onto innocent children. They are standing up against destructive and tyrannical school board policies. As more parents join ranks to object to such absurdity, school board members, especially those who espouse radical views, feel intimidated and threatened.

Although the Attorney General failed to cite one example of a parent engaged in any activity that could be considered even remotely threatening, the highly politicized FBI will now assume the role of the “Brownshirts” and label any parent who disagrees with the state’s curriculum a “domestic terrorist.”

In an October 5, 2021 column[i] written by John Nolte for Breitbart, he noted the obvious goal of the Communist Left is “to criminalize not only dissent and peaceful protest but to criminalize [anyone] daring to disagree with the fascist, narcissistic left-wing maniacs who have seized control of government-run schools. This is also about using the federal government to chill free speech, to scare and intimidate parents away from speaking out. And it will almost certainly be used to harass those parents who do speak up.”

Equally, if not more importantly, Nolte added that “the other tactic here is that Biden is hoping to inflame the situation. Using the FBI in this unlawful and un-American manner is meant to anger and provoke people into misbehaving, which is what the fascist Biden regime wants.”

Considering that the FBI has absolutely no authority to investigate or prosecute anyone actual or perceived threat at a local level, why else would the Biden DoJ involve itself in local matters?

This is a dangerous abuse of power that will not end well.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

As published in the Wisconsin Christian News

Last fall, I wrote exclusively in this publication a warning about the rigging of the 2020 election based on my investigation and information I received from various well-vetted and well-placed sources. In that column, I referenced two documents: Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition (published August 3, 2020) and Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda (published on March 9, 2017).

Written three years apart, both publications provided us with the objectives and insight into the modus operandi of the Left. In short, the Left, which consists of a Deep State Communist element within our government, told us exactly what they were going to do and did exactly that. We were deprived of legitimate elections and have no legal mechanisms or recourse to repair the damage caused by the Communist Left from within.

In addition to telling us their intentions, they provided us with a written confession in a February 4, 2021 article written by Molly Ball and published in Time magazine titled The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. In my opinion as a career investigator, it read like a compendium of confessions by criminal perpetrators wanting not merely to tell the story of their historic heist but crow about getting away with it.

In addition to boasting of their success, the perpetrators seemed to justify their admitted conspiracy as a noble endeavor, as illustrated by this excerpt:

“That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.”

What good, however, is a confession without a functional court system and equal justice? During the course of our generation, we’ve seen our justice system perverted by the interests of a few. Legal recourse has been denied, and our justice system corrupted.

The hubris of boasting of the “fortification” of an election by a cabal of well-organized activists, known as the “Party of Davos,” is on full display. They are intent on the destruction of our Republic by exploiting events, changing rules and laws, and deceitfully influencing public perception, which illustrates just how dire the situation in America has become. The Deep State Communist Left Globalists at all levels of government have perverted the ballot box with impunity and intend to codify those perversions into law by the passage of HR 1.

Concurrently, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, replete with “fact checkers” who function as co-conspirators rather than unbiased arbiters of honesty and truth, insidiously amplify the deceit of their tyrannical overlords. Alternatively, voices of truth (including many authors in this publication) have had their voices forever silenced in the digital town square. What will follow will be the criminalization of dissenting political speech under the pretext of saving our Republic from domestic terrorism by “we, the people.” Their takeover of the “soap box,” including the digital town square, will be complete.

What, then, is next on their agenda? What remains for our complete subjugation under tyranny, once the ballot box and the soap box have been captured? Of course, it’s the ammo box, which is a certainty as proved by world history. Behind their fortified palace of power, HR 127 will be considered for passage.

The American public can sense that absent of divine intervention by Almighty God, conflict is certain and imminent. Perhaps we’ve waited too long, permitted the goalposts to be moved once too often, turned away from the gradual theft of our liberties while finding excuses for our inaction. From surrendering our rights in a post-9/11 world, to the quiet acceptance of “alternate lifestyles,” to wearing a mask to simply avoid the inconvenience of confrontation, we’ve shown ourselves to be reluctant but silent slaves. The “Party of Davos” is expeditiously ushering in tyranny through unconstitutional legislation behind the fortified walls of physical and ideological separation.

An irreconcilable, ideological and spiritual divide currently exists in our nation. We are a country of two houses, one embracing Godlessness, immorality, and lawlessness. The other strives to live by our God-given freedoms and pass the same to future generations.

Never before has this division been so clearly illustrated by an unprecedented winding wall topped by concertina wire, concrete barriers, an armed militarized presence, and checkpoints surrounding the epicenter of political power.

The beauty of cherry blossoms blooming against such a backdrop mockingly illustrates this stark contrast of core beliefs and values, between good and evil. I suspect that these protections will remain for the foreseeable future as the tyrants inside the guarded and “fortified” structure know that conflict is inevitable in the absence of equal justice and unrestricted dialogue.

Americans who are awake know the same, which is illustrated by a 40% increase in background checks for gun purchases in 2020 over 2019. Nearly 40 million background checks were conducted last year. We’re on schedule to surpass that number this year. Additionally, ammunition is in short supply as the demand outpaces the production.

Clearly, the foundations of our nation have been all but destroyed. Such is known by Christian conservative patriots and tyrants alike. Psalm 11:3 states, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

To restore our foundations, I submit that we must first seek divine guidance. At the root of our political problems exists a spiritual perversion. Foundations cannot be restored without repentance, and spiritual problems cannot be repaired through political solutions. Most people are looking for a “return to normal.” However, what is considered normal? Most assuredly, it cannot be a “normal” where unborn babies are slaughtered, perverse lifestyles are celebrated, fraud is rampant, and injustice reigns. It must be Godly and righteous.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that His justice cannot sleep forever: that, considering numbers, nature, and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference! The Almighty has no attribute which can take side with us in such a contest.”

As cherry blossoms and razor wire quietly coexisting at the heart of our nation’s power illustrates good versus evil, it should also serve as an omen for an inevitable conflict between freedom and tyranny. Fight if we must, for we must not permit evil to prevail. First, though, we must be sure that we fight on the side of righteousness.

For the sake of our children and future generations, we must not back down. We must preserve our freedoms and insure theirs. Anything less would be delivering our progeny into darkness. If not us, who, then, will stand up for righteousness for the sake of the righteous?

By Randy Taylor

In a complete shambles, to put it mildly. We have wandered so far from the beautiful starting point, the inception and creation of the greatest country in the world. We took purity and allowed evil to defile it. We are responsible because we allowed this to happen on our watch. We were too busy working, playing, vacationing, BBQing, watching football while the fox walked right past us and straight into the henhouse. Now that the majority of the hens are dead and missing, we’re moaning the blues, wringing our hands, and crying like babies. Others among us want to take on the federal government a Capitol Hill and blast our way to redemption. Others want to hide in a dark corner and pray, hoping God will send 10,000 angels to rectify this wrong while we do absolutely nothing, claiming this is prophecy.

All are wrong, individually. Each has grandiose end results desired, yet each lacks the methodology required to complete the mission, meet the objective.

What is required is a collective movement, the massive silent majority that conservatives boasted about pre-election. The 75-125 million of us Patriots that refuse to lie down and die, who refuse to surrender our freedoms, liberties, and way of life without a fight.

This must start now, collectively across the nation, town by town, city by city, and county by county. This patriotic movement must be collective, firm, relentless, and without exception on any point. Period. This doesn’t need to be headed up by sheriffs or Chiefs of Police. It can be headed up, formed, organized, and governed by citizens. We would seek the full support of Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, judges, mayors, and other government officials locally. If not, the collective groups in any town, city, or county can remove any one of them or all of them. A collective group is a huge voting block. Make sure these officials understand.

This same collective group must also be voted into Supervisor of Election slots locally, and the local voting precincts must be overwhelmingly manned by Patriotic Conservatives. The stranglehold and monopoly that the far left has had on this country’s voting process has to be broken. 2022 must mark the reclaiming of America by the Conservative Patriots. The communist left must be pushed out of our government on all levels; however, it must start on the local level.

Start today. Talk to your neighbor. Then both of you talk to another neighbor. There are 3142 counties in the US, 19,495 cities and towns.

Stay tuned here at the Hagmann Report as we start driving this point home. Let’s not focus on naming our groups as militias, as this will only draw negative attention to our movement nationwide. We are collective groups of God Fearing “Christian Conservative Patriots.” It’s that simple.

Are we armed? Of course. Our second amendment rights guarantee this. We will defend this.

Do we have the right to free speech? Of course. Our first amendment rights guarantee this. We will defend this.

We are not militants, extremists, insurgents, or terrorists. We are Americans.

We The People.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

11 February 2021

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” — Barack Hussein Obama

By Douglas J. Hagmann 

I type this knowing that it will appear in the last issue going to print before the November general election, and many situations are changing daily, if not hourly. If you thought things were uncertain on Monday, Friday has brought even more uncertainty. We can expect this process to repeat even beyond the election, especially if the Leftist insurgents who have infested our government agencies have their way.

Marine One just transported President Trump to Walter Reed Military Medical Center after he reportedly tested positive for COVID late yesterday, a fact he confirmed in an early morning message on Twitter. His wife also tested positive as did White House Communications Director and travel companion to the President, Hope Hicks. Although it is uncertain how this will impact the scheduled debates and the campaign in general, one can be sure that the Socialists and Communists of the Left will do everything they can to exploit this situation to advance their coup.

About three hours after the 1:00 am Friday tweet, I spoke with a federal officer employed by an alphabet agency and presently based inside the beltway. His position gives him a unique front-row view of certain events taking place around him. I met him on September 12, 2001, and know him well enough to appreciate that he does not alarm easily or often, which is why I was troubled by his early morning phone call.

This source told me what I already knew, or at least suspected: The Left intends to take control of the United States regardless of the election outcome. A “color revolution” is underway against the Republic, a premise recently discussed by Glen Beck in a series of videos he did under various titles, including “The Left’s Election Night War Game.” Consistent with Mr. Beck’s analysis, my source stated that the Deep State members are planning for two scenarios. The first scenario is that they regain power on election night using any means necessary, including not conceding defeat. The second is simply having their army “burn it all down,” meaning America and our way of life.

Before you dismiss either scenario as hyperbole, doom, or conspiracy nonsense, consider that members of the Deep State Left have already met and “war-gamed” election-night scenarios to accomplish their objectives. Members of the Obama administration and the US State Department wrote the playbook for what we’ve already seen over the last four years and are directing the election night chaos that is being currently planned.

Specifically, the tactics that resulted from these table-top exercises are outlined in a document titled Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition, dated August 3, 2020, and produced by the Transition Integrity Project. This supposedly non-partisan (or bipartisan) organization was founded by Rosa Brooks, a Pentagon employee from 2009 to 2011, and an employee of George Soros. The list of participants includes journalists, social media and tech leaders, and members of numerous government agencies. The list of participants reads like a “whos-who” of Deep State denizens.

The tactics of the Left are also outlined in a 26-page document titled Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda. This document was published on March 9, 2017, or just two months after President Trump assumed office and was produced by a similar list of Deep State operatives led by Barack Hussein Obama. The conclusion highlights the following quote: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” — President Barack Obama.

The purpose of the early morning telephone call I received was to tell me to pay very close attention to the information contained in the two documents identified above, as many of the tactics outlined are being conducted by the Left right now. Also, expect chaos and confusion on election night, with the Left, led by Nancy Pelosi and others in the background, will attempt to nullify the electoral process. He asked me to warn everyone of the plots, plans, and schemes that are playing out behind the scenes to advance this “Constitutional usurpation” as detailed in those two documents and correctly identified by Glen Beck.

Lastly, he asked me to pray for him and others like him, who are doing everything they can to stop this “color revolution.”

The confines of space prohibit further analysis of the impact of the plans by the Socialists, Communists and other radical Leftists embedded within our government. Therefore, I urge you to read the documents identified above, watch Mr. Becks’ videos while you still can, and prepare for the chaos on and after election night 2020.

Prepare. Pray.

By Douglas J. Hagmann

Most Americans obviously don’t know their history for if we did, we would be much more outraged and disturbed about the Jade Helm 15 military operation. Why? Because we’ve seen eerily similar situations play out in our nation before. In fact, this situation was a precursor to the first American Revolution.

Concurrent with the captive corporate media’s feeding frenzy vilifying patriots and other citizens concerned about Jade Helm 15 by calling them conspiracy fanatics, government officials in various cities, counties and municipalities are welcoming American troops to their towns with open arms, apparently having no clue of the event that precipitated the American Revolution. These local officials are intellectually hobbled and history-deficient, for if they cracked open a history book, they would understand that throwing down a welcome mat for troops in their towns is an invitation to eventual bloodshed.

Nobody, it seems, has raised any Constitutional objections about this operation against the backdrop of the Third Amendment of the Bill of Rights. I’ve yet to hear any politician, local, state or municipal governing body or political pundit discuss the implications of this “exercise” in the historical context of the American Revolution and the Bill of Rights.

To be clear, the Third Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

So what does this have to do with the upcoming Jade Helm operation and in a larger sense, the use of American troops on the streets of America? Or, even more broadly, the militarization of our police forces?

Heavily citing Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop, the author notes that “the historical context behind the Third Amendment shows that the Framers [of the Constitution] were worried about something more profound than [quartering soldiers]. The amendment was a placeholder for the broader aversion to an internal standing army.”[1]

As Balko outlines in exquisite detail, our Founders had a much deeper concern than housing American soldiers, especially when our national defense is at stake from a foreign enemy. “At the time the Third Amendment was ratified, the images and memories of British Troops in Boston and other cities were still fresh, and the clashes with colonists that drew the country into war still evoked strong emotions. What we might call the “Symbolic Third Amendment” wasn’t just a prohibition on peace time quartering, but a more robust expression of the threat that standing armies pose to free societies. It represented a long-standing, deeply ingrained resistance to armies patrolling American streets and policing American communities.”[2] [Emphasis mine].

A Brief History

While it is beyond the scope of this article to delve deep into the backdrop for the Third Amendment, a robust understanding of the laws and actions leading up to its ratification is absolutely essential to understand the events taking place in present day America. It is critical to note that the principles behind Jade Helm 15, as well as the hybrid militarization of our police contain the very components that led to the first American Revolution.

That begs the question… is the American royalty itching for a second American Revolution?

Even the most ill-informed among us know that Colonial America evolved from England and was settled by men fighting against the tyrannical oppression of the English Commonwealth laws at the hands of British royalty. Despite this new settlement in a new land, American colonists were still subjects of the British Crown and its far-reaching laws, including the quartering of soldiers. But there was a much more sinister application than merely quartering soldiers for the ostensible purpose of national defense.

As American colonists began to vociferously object to the quartering of British soldiers in the homes and businesses of colonists on American soil, they were met with a push-back by the British Crown with yet another law, the Quartering Act of 1774. Stakes were raised when the British soldiers were permitted to enter private homes without warrant and seize whatever they found, from cash to other assets, including real property, citing the slimmest of criminal allegations. If this sounds familiar, one should consider this historical tyrannical overreach against today’s civil asset forfeiture laws, where the template of tyranny has merely been updated and refined.

As stated by Mr. Balko in Rise of the Warrior Cop, “The actual quartering of British troops in the private homes of the colonists was rare, at least up until the start of the American Revolution. It was the predictable fallout from positioning soldiers trained for warfare on city streets, among the civilian populace, and using them to enforce laws and maintain order that enraged colonists. Contemporary newspaper accounts documented frequent and increasingly bitter altercations between soldiers and citizens. Bostonians were British subjects, but were being treated like enemies of the state. They began to interpret the stationing of troops in their city as an act of war. [3] [Emphasis mine]

The rest, as it is said, is history.

History is being repeated

Whether orchestrated or unwittingly, history is being repeated, and not in a good way. It would be difficult to ascribe the actions of our government leaders who are militarizing our police forces and placing military troops among the civilian populace as mere incompetence or lacking a basic understanding of events that led to the American Revolution.

This is no small matter, for we are following the same pattern that existed in the immediate run-up to the War for Independence. This time, however, it is our own military that is being used against true American patriots who have been systematically and incrementally redefined as terrorists and enemies of the state. It is the militarization of the police forces throughout America that has served as the precursor and subtle integration needed to market this otherwise unpalatable, undesirable and un-Constitutional concept to modern America. Too many are finding this militarization process acceptable, while too few are seeing the process for exactly what it is intended to be.

Much like the events that precipitated the first American Revolution, we are bearing witness to an orchestrated tyrannical takedown of our civil liberties. Yet instead of understanding and discussing the potential and arguably intended subjugation of those who disagree with the politics of American royalty and their objectives for complete enslavement over we, the people, we are seeing nothing more than sophomoric discourse by those who are intellectually bankrupt, naïve, or complicit.

Accordingly, we are being rushed headlong into a second revolution which promises to be much bloodier and costlier than the first. Additionally, it opens the door wider for foreign takeover from which there will likely be no recovery.

Be warned, for if history tells us anything, war from within is at our doorstep.

Balko, Radley. Rise of the Warrior Cop. New York: Public Affairs, 2013, Page 12

Ibid, Page 13

Ibid, Page 14

By Douglas J. Hagmann

“It’s time to choose our side, not just for this battle, this war against our freedoms and the future of our country, but for the sake of future generations. It is up to you whether your ancestors will walk across your grave without reverence to that of another who had the will, the courage, and the integrity to stand up for truth and preserve the rights bestowed upon us by Almighty God.”

-Doug Hagmann

The American Revolutionary War, or our war for independence from the oppression of the British that officially began in 1775 and birthed our nation, was a most pivotal time in our nation’s history. Many men and women of average means and intelligence rose to become celebrated heroes and heroines.

They placed everything on the line, from their families to their businesses to take up the cause of freedom to form the greatest nation in the world. In doing so, they risked their own freedom as well as their very lives. We can learn much from these wise and brave people, and owe much to their courageous actions and sacrifices. While many American heroes were created by their acts of total selflessness and fighting on behalf of all citizens of the American colonies, there were others who chose to sit out the fight… or worse.

One of the most villainous names in U.S. history is of Benedict Arnold. So reviled were his traitorous actions that his name has become synonymous with betrayal. Once an important and very effective leader in the American cause, he turned his allegiance to the British at a most critical time in our war for independence. Some historians speculate that his betrayal of his own country originated by his hurt feelings that he was betrayed himself. Some accounts suggest that he felt personally slighted and unappreciated for the sacrifices he made and the battles he fought and won, during which his leg was badly injured, forcing him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life. Many historians suggest that he sustained a much deeper wound—a fatal wound to his pride that led him to turn against the noble fight for the freedoms and liberties for all Americans.

Today in America, there are an increasing number of men and women who see the ominous parallels between the pre-Revolutionary War days and the present day. Instead of an overt foreign enemy, we are facing a more insidious threat spoken of by not only some of the heroes of the Revolutionary War, but warned of by Communist insiders and defectors: the threat from within.

Only those buried deep in denial or their own normalcy bias refuse to see the increasing oppression against the citizens of America by their own government. Only those who are completely clueless or complicit cannot see or vociferously deny that the clouds on the horizon are not storm clouds, but the dust clouds of an approaching enemy selected and elected to retake our freedoms. Only those who have been effectively brainwashed believe that those currently in power reflect the true will of the people. History, it appears, is about to repeat itself as the overreach and aggression of an out-of-control government is ramping up their attacks against our God-given freedoms and rights as enumerated in our Constitution.

Today, we are in the midst of a propaganda war where the contemporaries of our pre-Revolutionary history, the true American patriots who hold the principles upon which this nation was founded near and dear, have been openly identified as enemies of the leaders of our nation. There is no ambiguity in the statements or intent of those leading our country. There is only their resolve, where they are unified in their objectives to subjugate us to their royal ambitions at the expense of our rights and freedoms.

We, as the contemporaries of our forefathers, are now the domestic terrorists. We have been declared the enemy, in speech and in writing, and there is a willing army forming at their hands to create two classes of people, those who are in power and those who are their subjects. Again, there is no ambiguity in their words and deeds.

If you do not—or choose not to— understand and call out the traitorous and seditious actions of those in power and their complicit media lapdogs, along with their resolve to use everything in their arsenal to marginalize and vilify the outspoken patriots who are fighting to stop further oppression while regaining lost ground, then you deserve what’s coming as that’s exactly what you’ve earned.

Just as no ambiguity exists in the statements made about and against true American patriots by our current oppressors, there must be no ambiguity or lack of resolve on our part. There cannot exist any gray area or middle ground, for it is just such compromise that has contributed to our current state of affairs. We must fight this propaganda war head on, and call out those who have betrayed us and are betraying us for reasons that range from complicity to pride, from promises of seats at their table to the assurances that they will live life unscathed by royal mandate.  Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, there exist those who have turned against the greater objective of restoring and maintaining our freedoms by attacking those who are staying the course.

It is time that we must publicly choose the side for which we stand, be it for freedom as it was intended, or to be subjugated to the will of an elite ruling class who will decide what Constitutional rights we may retain that were won by the sweat and blood of our forefathers, for they are watching.

It is time that we must publicly question the motives of those once described as patriots in this fight for freedom and the future of our country, much like Benedict Arnold.

Recently, the American ruling class sent their foot soldiers to a small Nevada community named Bunkerville. It was there that the globalists dispatched a heavily armed contingent of federal agents and their mercenary supporters to face down a small group of patriots unwilling to be bystanders in an overt and aggressive overreach of power and control. The corporate media intentionally and with malice, mis-portrayed the intent of both sides and efficiently convoluted the true issues behind the stand-off. War and propaganda, however, are rarely simple in their public portrayal. When one side loses, however temporary the loss, they must exploit public opinion and perception to their favor. And that is exactly what is taking place today.

Although we know that the federal government will indeed return to Bunkerville, it will likely be with the orchestrated support of many Americans who have, or will have, fallen victim to the tactics of the enemies of freedom. Many have already acquiesced to the false narrative that demonizes not just Cliven Bundy, but those who actively support him in deeds and words. Despite their perceived intellectual prowess, they have either fallen for the lie, or worse, have already chosen their side.

It is with this spirit that I felt heartfelt sadness as I read and heard the words of self-proclaimed patriots and lovers of freedom such as Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media and Glenn Beck who, in this author’s opinion only, seem to be fueling the propaganda war by attacking those who are putting it all on the line for what is right and proper.

It is with great concern for every freedom loving patriot that I find myself questioning the true motives behind their Alinsky-style tactics of diverting the issue and marginalizing those who refuse to compromise our rights and freedoms that appear to be employed in this covert propaganda war. It is their ad hominem attacks against other fellow patriots, and their attempts to deceptively mischaracterize these messengers of freedom. Their shameful tactics are as transparent as those of the captured media speaking on behalf of the oppressors.

Will future historians write about Beck, Kincaid and others who appear to be turning against the very objectives they proclaim to promote much like what has been written about Benedict Arnold? Amid the white noise of diversion and orchestrated attempts to divide and conquer, I believe we must choose a side, right here and right now. We must choose the side of truth and righteousness, and shun those who want us to devolve into divisiveness and mire us in attacking our fellow patriots.

As we near an event, or events not of our choosing that will likely forever change the course of American history and the future of our families, our children and all future generations, the side we ultimately support will forever be recorded in the annals of history. It will determine whether our ancestors will visit our graves with deserved admiration or equally earned contempt.

It’s time to choose our side, not just for this battle, this war against our freedoms and the future of our country, but for the sake of future generations. It is up to you whether your ancestors will walk across your grave without reverence to that of another who had the will, the courage, and the integrity to stand up for truth and preserve the rights bestowed upon us by Almighty God.

Choose now, or accept the future you have so rightly earned and deserved.

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