VIDEO 1: Tucker Carlson on the Deep State v. Nixon.

Globalist infiltration of the Catholic Church (Vatican)

PAGE 1:  THREAD: Who Did Jeffrey Epstein Work For?

VIDEO 2:  Catholic Journalist confronts heretic James Martin SJ | RIP George Neumayr.

Set-Up of Globalist System

VIDEO 3:  Tony Blair Calls for a ”National Digital Infrastructure AKA Digital ID”

VIDEO 4:  COVID Was A Pretext For The Medical Matrix That Globalists Hope To Force Upon The World


VIDEO 5:  Boris Epshteyn Discusses the Crime and Cover Up of Biden Classified Documents


VIDEO 6:  Dr. Peter McCullough on Ralph Baric, Moderna, and the U.S. Government’s Role in COVID

PAGE 4: Judicial Watch: FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal Deformations


 VIDEO 7:  American infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bradley are spotted in Poland today  

These are Bradleys from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Calvary Division that are rotating into Poland as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. They were unloaded at Vlissingen at the start of January.

VIDEO 8:  World Economic Forum speaker touts benefits of 1 billion people quitting meat – Siemens AG chairman Jim Hagemann said the move would have a ‘big impact’ and inspire innovation (FOX)

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