I am aware that most people believe we’re too far gone to communicate our wishes to our representative in Washington. I understand and even somewhat agree. However, there are many more of us than there are of “them,” so it makes sense to make the attempt to resolve our internal problems in a civil manner while we still can. I want to be able to truthfully say that I did everything in my power to convey my sentiments, as an American citizen and voter, in a peaceful manner before TSHTF. However, the “elite” in DC don’t make it easy for us – on purpose – to let them know how we feel. Personally, I like a phone call, although I am often pushed into a maze of phone bank hell.

Now, there’s a great app (currently for iOS/apple phone users) that saves me time and frustration. It’s BillBlaster App available HERE (URL: https://billblasterapp.org). From their website:

BillBlaster is the essential app for every American who wishes to have their voice heard. With an intuitive interface, gain instant access to information about your district and ways to connect with your representatives. Don’t just be a citizen; be an informed citizen. Make your voice count with BillBlaster. Download now and step into the world of proactive citizenship.


To help you understand the app, Steve Bannon’s media assistant Grace Chong appears in this short, two-minute video segment from a TimCast interview to explain the app and how to use it. I found it to be extremely easy to use, and if I can do it, so can you.

 Let’s do everything we can. while we can. More importantly, let them know that THEY WORK FOR US and not the other way around.

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