Anyone with a few working brain cells and the intellectual honesty to look at incontrovertible facts can’t say it much better than Rep. James Comer: “Investigating the Bidens is like tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm. There’s evidence everywhere.” In the same spirit as the 1975 movie Jaws, I would add that should charges ever be filed, “we’re going to need a bigger printer.”

I certainly did not need my investigative training and decades of experience to look at the documentation, properly authenticated, to conclude that Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (a/k/a Robert Peters, Robin Ware, JRB Ware), his son Hunter, and almost the entire Biden family are engaged in the largest influence peddling operation involving the executive branch our country has ever experienced. I should note that I’ve documented my research of the Biden laptop — I was given two copies by someone with peripheral ties to the Department of Justice in the weeks before the 2020 election — and written about my findings extensively and exclusively for The Wisconsin Christian News.  

The Bidens have sold America out to our adversaries for their personal enrichment. Although too numerous to mention here, the benefactors include the governments and oligarchs in Russia (ironically), China, Ukraine (what a surprise), Romania, and other foreign interests. The results of the Biden influence peddling operation, combined with the mutton-headed Merrick Garland, the entrenched Communists inside the FBI, DoJ, and all branches of government (both parties), working in tandem with the compromised corporate media has made the world a much more dangerous place. The Uniparty swamp, led by the feckless, spineless, and most incompetent House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, has done nothing to protect the interests of  Americans. They’ve violated their oaths to the US Constitution and should be removed from office.  

Consider how far and fast the body politic in America has fallen. 

On October 9, 1974, a woman named Annabel Battistella, better known as Fannie Fox, took an unscheduled romp in the Potomac River’s tidal basin by the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC because of a lover’s quarrel with one of the most powerful men in congress, House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Wilbur Mills. After being widely reported by the media, House Democrats stripped Mills of his chairmanship due to his indiscretions. Imagine that.

The Birth of Billygate

In 1977, the US had Billy Carter, the younger brother of then-Democrat President James Earl Carter. My research found no reference to President Carter ever referring to his younger brother as the smartest person he knew, despite his stake in the family’s peanut business and his status as the owner and operator of a successful Plains, Georgia gas station. According to published reports, Billy’s gas station was pumping over 40 thousand gallons of high-test gas per month during the 1970s Arab oil embargos — faster than Costco was selling toilet paper at the onset of the COVID scamdemic.   

In the Shadow of Hunter

Working through a beer, vodka, and whisky-induced haze (by 1979, the president’s brother reportedly consumed a half-gallon of the hard stuff each day), William Alton Carter also rose to historical prominence by endorsing “Billy Beer,” a label created by the Falls City Brewing Company during the 1976 election cycle, despite his personal preference for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

He also became the official spokesman for Peanut Lolita, a 53-proof, gritty peanut-based liquor. To be clear, Peanut Lolita is completely unrelated to Jeffrey Epstein’s 727 aircraft, the formerly preferred transport of this century’s degenerate elite, or any reference to Bill Clinton’s genitalia, regardless of the alleged resemblance to the former presidential package.

Those of us who lived during that time recall Billy Carter being the brunt of the jokes by late-night comedians like Johnny Carson. Billy Carter was also a regular “go-to” answer on The Match Game when the words like drunkard or simpleton would fail to elicit sufficient audience laughter. As there was no internet then, Billy was spared from becoming an overnight viral international meme, although that changed one day on an airport tarmac. No, he didn’t meet Loretta Lynch (or then-AG Benjamin Civiletti) in a purely serendipitous encounter to discuss golf and grandchildren. Yes, they think we’re that stupid.

While awaiting the arrival of a Libyan delegation at the Atlanta airport, Billy casually whipped out his skin pickle amid a gaggle of reporters and diplomats and urinated on the runway in full view of the press and dignitaries. So much for gravitas, but his leakage drew attention to a much larger issue to which Hunter, Joe and the Biden crime family can relate.

Be it the son of a Vice President turned President, or the brother of a peanut farming President, Influence peddling is nothing new.  The difference in handlings such matters – then and now – is. 

Subsequent to Colonel Mu’ammar Qadhafi’s assuming power in Libya in 1969, diplomatic relations between the US and Libya were strained. While official channels precipitously cooled, other avenues of communication and commercial exchange grew, including backchannels between the Libyan government and US entities and individuals. Enter the president’s brother, Billy Carter, who was part of a contingent from his home state of Georgia who met with members of the Libyan government on at least three occasions during his brother’s presidency.

Eventually registering as a foreign agent for the Libyan government pursuant to FARA, Billy reportedly received a significant amount of cash, although the exact amount is disputed. Carter reportedly received a loan from Libya for $220,000, repaying a mere $1,000, although other credible reports suggest the amount was upwards of $2 million. The lucrative combination of Pabst, Peanut Lolita, and Peanuts — who knew?

Ultimately, the actions by the president’s brother became the subject of a bipartisan Senate subcommittee investigation in 1980, during which President Carter issued the following statement:

“I am deeply concerned that Billy has received funds from Libya and that he may be under obligation to Libya. These facts will govern my relationship with Billy as long as I am president. Billy has had no influence on U.S. policy or actions concerning Libya in the past, and he will have no influence in the future.”

— Jimmy Carter, August 4, 1980

Compare and contrast President Carter’s 1980 statement with that of Joseph Robinette Biden’s absurd denials regarding his knowledge and involvement with his son’s multinational business dealings.  When one considers the sheer number of SARS and the total amount of money known to have been received by the Bidens, we sure aren’t talking peanuts. It’s here, however, where Hunter Biden summons the ghost of Billy Carter and says, “hold my crack pipe and watch this.”

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware must be investigated by an unimpeachable (pun intended) investigative body outside of the beltway rice paddies. Finding, creating, and empowering such an investigative body will be difficult. For the sake of our Republic, however, it must be done. 

Perhaps you can hear the ghostly whispers of Wilbur Mills saying, “Avenge me.” 

By Douglas J. Hagmann

As we have seen with the disgraced and disgraceful Anthony Weiner, sex sells and dominates the media anytime a salacious story breaks. You didn’t have to be a detective to have turned to your wife, husband, or to anyone in the room during any one of the televised media interviews with this twisted twittering congressman as he evaded direct questions about the purveyance of his private parts to say “he did it and now is trying to cover it up.”

He even became surly with reports’ questions about his extra digit in this digital age. Apparently, he learned nothing from history. From Wilbur Mills’ dalliance with Fannie Fox in 1974 to the “Monkey Business” of Gary Hart two decades later, and the Condit affair with the murdered Chandra Levy that dominated headlines in the summer of 2001, Weiner all but dared the media to further expose his digital digressions. And they did. And Weiner cried.

The process is not new to police and investigators. The tears that follow digressions and denials are usually those of remorse of being exposed – pun intended – and not due to the act itself.

For the next extended news cycle, expect the media to converge on digital images of the lawmaker’s lewdness, analyzing the zeroes and ones that makeup today’s images as if they were scrutinizing the former Soviet launch codes. Like sharks to chum in the water, the media will pursue Weiner’s tweets as well as his denials steeped in narcissistic hubris until the story reaches its natural climax.

Like Mills, Hart, and Condit, Weiner will become another entry in Washington’s growing list of sexually scandalous debauchery. Despite its salaciousness, it will eventually be relegated to a mere footnote in American history. It will be of no historical significance except in the lonely and narcissistic existence of Anthony Weiner.

Nonetheless, you can bet that the collective corporate media will relentlessly pursue this story, turning over every distasteful digital fig leaf. Although they should not give a pass to this depraved digital denizen of DC, their interest in an act that has yet to suggest criminal behavior speaks volumes about the state of the media in America today.

Sex v. Everything Else

Followers of the American media certainly like their share of salacious stories. Just look at the statistics of all internet news articles involving shameful behavior versus those of more historical significance. Side by side, a story that details the sad exploits of an obnoxious Weiner will receive more interest than an article that explains our current foreign policy with Israel and the Middle East or the economic dangers we presently face. That does not dismiss the proper placement of the former in the scheme of legitimate news, but illustrates how easily the media can exploit the attention of the majority of Americans at will.

Our current focus on the salacious versus the historically important results from a generation of illiteracy at the hands of a progressive media. Many within this generation receive their news from the intellectually deficient or the deliberately deceptive, from the likes of Jon Stewart to Stephen Colbert and beyond. Such venues exist as pseudo-news, and current event shows for the often factually and morally impaired and frequently invite equally deficient or deceptive shills as guests to subtly mock issues of substance while pushing matters less taxing to one’s grey matter, all to the cackling delight of an enthusiastic studio audience.

Beyond those popular venues vacant of factual information, we have the actual cable and network news shows engaged in their methods of deception through their biased depiction or omission. What is reported in these venues is agenda-driven as well. So too, is what is not reported, decided at office levels far above the broadcast studios.

As over a half-century of television news has shown, one thing is sure. Sex scandals make for good ratings. As I write this, another thing is equally sure. Like finely tuned symphonies conducted by a single conductor, each network is “all in” on getting the goods on Weiner or whatever is not yet left to the public’s imagination. Generations of intentional conditioning or “dumbing down” the masses have created this fertile environment of intellectual bankruptcy.

It is for these reasons that most young Americans today believe the impeachment of former President William Jefferson Clinton was a direct result of having sex with “that woman.” That fable is still perpetuated by the aforementioned pseudo-news personalities who trivialize everything important in America while attacking our morality and ethics. The truth that Clinton was impeached for lying under oath is even marginalized by the fact that the lies were related to his sexual exploits, including by some in the corporate media.

It should come as no surprise that already, the media has spent more air time and print space on the digital transmissions of a congressman than on the digital manipulation of a federal document by the highest office in America.

It should come as no surprise that the media has intentionally shamefully ignored the continuing questions of Barack Hussein Obama’s possible complicity in producing a forged federal document. Instead, the Weiner scandal, of virtually no historical significance, will carry the day over the more historically significant. Obviously, I am referring to the Certificate of Birth produced by the White House and having the imprimatur of Barack Hussein Obama II himself.

The journalistic process, or what is left of it, should be busy analyzing the digital manipulation of the Obama document rather than the Weiner digit.

Soon, however, the elephant in the room will just be too big and malodorous to ignore, even for the corporate media shilling for Obama. More importantly, it will not be because of the media but in spite of it. It will be a matter too big for Jesse C. Lee to control, despite his taxpayer-funded White House position as a modern-day head of a combination “Ministry of Truth”  and Nixonian “plumber’s unit.”

As an investigator, I, for one, seek to make that happen. Around, over, under, or through Jesse C. Lee.

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