A Steven Crowder/Louder with Crowder undercover team obtained and released the first three-(3) pages handwritten pages of what is purported to be the Nashville shooter’s “manifesto.” The document has been deliberately hidden from the public by the Biden regime’s Woke-obsessed Department of Justice. The document illustrates the meticulous planning and unfettered hatred of White Christians in the killing spree by transgender and mentally ill Audrey “Aiden” Hale. Three children and three school staff were murdered by Hale before she was killed by police. 

The writings of Hale illustrate that Leftist/Marxist ideology radicalized a transgendered shooter that resulted in the murder of Christians at the school in an act of political terrorism. The woke Biden regime and the biased Department of Justice have been covering up this radicalization and the threat to White Christians. “I hope I have a high death count,” wrote Hale, who described her intended victims as “crackers” and expressed hatred for their “white privilege.”


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