Targeted individuals [My Experience]

Hagmann P.I.
September 6, 2023
Targeted individuals [My Experience]


This video report on “gang stalking” struck home, as I’ve seen this up close and personal. However, I was not the victim, but a high-profile, well-known and influential talk radio host was. During my 36 years as a multi-state licensed investigator, I’ve seen this happen on three or four occasions and was able to document these activities twice (it’s not as easy as it might seem). None of the cases ever went to trial – the entities responsible for the gang stalking – and the organizations behind them – would never allow it. Offers were made that the victims could not refuse.

I’ll give you a bit of insight into how proficient these operations can be. In one instance, I began to believe that I was going crazy, seeing things that were not there, or not seeing things that were. Yes, some of the operatives engaged in this activity are that good.

Within the last several years, the organizations (government and NGO subcontractors) have gotten so good, and their equipment so refined, that I can imagine that a majority of people will feel the impact of such operations. The more influence that one has, whether it’s on social media, in broadcasting, podcasting or in other venues, the higher value target one becomes.

From my own experience, I can offer some advice. Depending upon the mission of the operation, you might never believe that you are being victimized or the victim of gang stalking. Your family and friends might not believe it. You will second guess yourself many times over. Even with the best of surveillance as a counter-measure to such actions, it might not be enough. Trust your instincts, but be careful who you trust. -Doug Hagmann

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