The alligator at our door

Hagmann P.I.
November 15, 2012

By Douglas J. Hagmann

The federal government is funding abortions, contraception, and foreign wars, and money is lining the pockets of the federal banks and bankers to pay off a fake and unsustainable debt. Don’t Americans understand they’re feeding the beast with every tax dollar they voluntarily pay? What about the Christians in America?

I met with my “intelligence insider” source yesterday, but the discussion was not about Benghazi or foreign affairs. He told me that he wanted to talk about something even more important right now, something that the federal government does not want us to talk about. Something that is shaking the “elite” to their very cores. Naturally, that certainly got my attention, as it should yours. We walked along a dirt pathway in the middle of nowhere, far away from prying eyes and ears, at least the ones we could see.

He told me about a Louisiana woman who bought a stately, two-story home on an expanse of property that included a picturesque pond and cypress swamps directly behind the mansion. When she first moved in, she noticed a relatively small baby alligator sunning on the bank of the pond located nearest the house. Every day, the woman would hang clothes to dry on a clothesline attached to a rear pillar of the expansive back porch. Initially, it was out of respect that she would take a freshly slaughtered chicken outside with her, tossing it to the alligator before hanging the clothes on the line. As months turned into years, she began to buy fresh turkeys instead of the smaller chickens to feed the growing alligator. First, it was one, then two a day.

One day when she did not keep to her normal routine of hanging clothes outside, she heard a loud banging on her back door. The banging was not the knock of a friendly visitor but of something much more menacing. Peering out of the window in her study located at the rear corner of her home, she was horrified to see a well-nourished, 12-foot-long monster banging its snout against the back of the house. It was no longer the small, lean reptile she once knew. The banging was continuous and becoming more incessant as the alligator demanded his gluttonous due.

Frightened, the woman ran to her refrigerator, where she had one remaining fresh turkey, retreated to her second-floor rear balcony, and tossed the turkey onto the ground away from the porch. She heard the thuds of the alligator as it moved toward the food and watched as it consumed the large turkey in one snap, then retreated to the nearby cypress swamp.

She called animal control who sent a man to survey the situation. Upon seeing the size, girth, and aggressiveness of the alligator, he asked the woman why she had waited so long to call. When she related the history of her relationship with the alligator, the man nearly shouted at the woman, what were you thinking! Can’t you see the monster you created?

And so it is with the federal government.

As we discussed the groundswell of support by citizens advocating their state’s secession from the United States, my source addressed the motivation behind the movement. “You know, this is one issue they are terrified of. People are starting to wake up, and they don’t like that.”

As we walked, he appeared to be thinking out loud, asking almost rhetorically if there was a more effective approach or perhaps one that would be needed if people were really serious about secession. “Aren’t Americans, especially the God-fearing Americans, the Christians, tired of their tax money being used and misused by the bloated federal government for things they do not want and to fund programs with which they don’t morally agree or need?”

He noted that Americans already pay taxes every day to some 90 thousand different taxing entities for items they buy or use, while the taxes paid to the federal government, or federal income tax, is something different. He began to quiz me on my knowledge of the federal income tax system. Did you know that the federal income tax is a voluntary assessment? “Research it,” he said.

He then asked if I knew how many court cases per year, on average, federal courts adjudicate related to people refusing to pay federal income tax. “No clue,” I responded. Twelve, maybe 14 a year, he told me. One of the busiest years was 28. Do you want to know why, and do want to know why we don’t hear about this low number? He paused, “because sometimes the IRS loses, and that’s not good PR for the government.” 

He continued as we walked. “Don’t you get it? It’s feeding the bloated alligator, and the alligator is now pounding on the door of every American, demanding more! Isn’t it time to recognize the bloat of what has been created and stop feeding the beast?”

“So, just thinking out loud, what would happen if a group of like-minded people united and decided that enough is enough, and they would stop paying federal income tax? Stop feeding the bloated beast? What would happen if like-minded state governors got on board, stood up to the federal government, and protected the citizens of their states?”

Most assuredly, it would have to be done properly, he reasoned, with your “voluntary assessment placed in a protected trust account somewhere, but out of the alligator’s reach and held in abeyance until matters are settled.” Then he added one critical thought. “If the people advocating secession are indeed serious, why would they continue to pay federal income tax when they would receive no benefits due to secession? Stop feeding the beast. Is this not the most logical and necessary step to secession?”

He shook his head and looked at the ground, his voice trailing off to nearly a whisper. “The federal government is funding abortions, contraception, foreign wars, and money is lining the pockets of the federal banks and bankers to pay off a fake and unsustainable debt. Don’t Americans understand they’re feeding the beast with every tax dollar they voluntarily pay? What about the Christians in America?”

In a moment of clarity, or so I thought, I asked him about “rendering unto Caesar,” the Bible passage cited so frequently when such a topic is discussed. At that point, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “my brother, you need to reread and understand that passage and related scriptures in their proper context.”  Following our meeting, I did, and urge readers to do the same.

As we were about to part, my friend looked at me and said that things are about ready to get bad across the country, “like Hurricane Sandy bad.” He continued, “as I told you, a perfect storm is in the making. The agenda is the ‘takedown of America from within.’ You see it unfolding before your very eyes with the military and the loss of political will by the establishment’s right to fight for their country. Next, it’s the economy.”

What’s our best chance? I asked.

“Well, there is fear in DC, real fear, of not secession itself, but the spirit of the people behind the secession movement. If the people figure it out in time, unite and say no more for you until you get your act together, well, as I said, it is this that they fear the most.”

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