The Deep State & the Blueprint for a World War

Hagmann P.I.
October 19, 2023
The Deep State & the Blueprint for a World War

This report by Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse lays it out perfectly. First, look at the above picture – “[T]his is the image the people running the White House presented to the world.” Next, watch the video clip below:

Aside from the remarkable Tubal Cain, I mean “Two Ball” chin Biden is newly sporting, along with the modern day equivalent of a powder blue 1970s leisure suit which may or may not serve as the resident’s pajamas, the low energy, stumbling, bumbling, cognitively impaired, and barely audible Biden mumbles his way through a statement about the savage slaughter of innocent civilians in Israel. He’s aboard Air Force One, returning from a mandatory meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. Note that Secretry of State Anthony Blinken is standing in the shadows behind Biden in this cringeworthy moment of elder abuse.

While one may argue about whether this is Biden #1, #2, or #3, this video clip perfectly exhibits the portrayal of our national weakness on the world stage, and should serve as a reminder that stolen elections have consequences. Stated differently, the fact that we, as a people, allowed the 2020 election to be stolen has consequences to world events.

It’s not just bad, but worse than you think.

From the Conservative Treehouse article, here is the most important aspect that most people are failing to realize – aptly piinted out by Sundance:

“The people using the disposable one-term Biden want a “broader regional conflict,” and the people in the region like Abdullah, Sisi and MbS are very clear-eyed on who is actually in control.

There is an alignment of interests within the goals of the ideologues and the goals of the WEF multinationals.

The Muslim Brotherhood ideology and the WEF financial interests are in alignment, and the Zookeepers are well aware.

Israel has never been more at risk.”

Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse [Emphasis mine]

Read the linked article and note the origins of the Hamas attack on Israel to understand the dynamics that are setting the stage not just for a regional war, but for a World War. It’s comiing, compliments of the neocons and neo-Liberals who bow at the alter of globalism.

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