The Lakin legacy & the right-left hypocrisy

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December 19, 2010
The Lakin legacy & the right-left hypocrisy

By Douglas J. Hagmann

There is something wrong when simply raising the topic of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility qualifies reasonable and well-researched conservatives the designation of “pinheads.There is something wrong when presidential candidate McCain is made, by congressional mandate, to prove his eligibility as a candidate while Obama is not held to the same standard.

Now here’s an interesting lesson about the act of civil disobedience. Bomb the Pentagon, lead a domestic terrorist group that was responsible for 30 bombings, destruction of property, and deaths, and suggest that you cannot rule out committing additional bombings, you become a folk hero of the radical left, a close confidant of a sitting president, and hold a position as a professor in higher academia.

Alternatively, give your country nearly 18 years of unblemished military service as a high-ranking military officer until you request proof that the orders you are given are, in fact, made by someone with the ultimate authority to do so, you are stripped of your military rank, your liberties, your income, your pension, your freedom and are sentenced to Leavenworth.

Welcome to the new paradigm of civil disobedience, Chicago style, where self-proclaimed conservative warriors are more MIA than Lt. Col. Lakin on the issue of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to hold office.

The Washington Examiner published a powerful article by columnist Diana West today about Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the army surgeon who attempted to verify the Constitutional legitimacy of the deployment orders he received. For his efforts, however questionable in both tactic and venue, this highly decorated military leader was sentenced to serve time in Leavenworth. As Ms. West so eloquently concluded, the guilty verdict against Lt. Col. Lakin settles nothing, except, perhaps, that such challenges within the ranks will not be tolerated.

The most basic question of whether Barack Hussein Obama is Constitutionally eligible to hold office and issue orders to the most powerful military in the world remains unaddressed and unanswered. Accordingly, it remains a national security issue of the highest magnitude.

As I wrote last week, Lt. Col. Lakin chose a particular path to compel, once and for all, Barack Hussein Obama to provide authenticated proof that he is qualified to issue orders to the U.S.  military as the Commander in Chief. It was arguably not the best path to choose in a system that was rigged from the start, but at least this man had the grit to put everything on the line for the sake of the U.S. Constitution and ultimately, every American citizen.

Wretched hypocrisy of the progressives and their corporate media mouthpieces

Now, Lt. Col Lakin will be paying the price for his actions. One positive although surely unintended consequence of the Lakin case, however, is that it has clearly exposed the wretched hypocrisy of the progressives and their corporate media mouthpieces as well as the duplicity and dissimulation of many so-called conservatives. So that Lt. Col. Lakin’s efforts are not entirely in vain, I believe closer examination into this aspect of the case is necessary.

Ms. West wrote that Lakin’s actions ultimately fell “into the category of civil disobedience, breaking the law to uphold higher principle.” If history has taught us anything, it has shown that acts of civil disobedience and breaking the law to uphold a higher principle are the very tactics that are enthusiastically embraced and praised by the progressives. The activists themselves are held in high esteem, and their activities are often rewarded by academic positions at universities or positions in the Obama administration.  Former Weathermen terrorist William Ayers is a perfect example of this progressive principle of legitimizing and even deifying an activist and his cause.

For the advancement of a higher principle, Ayers proudly proclaims that the Weathermen were responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the security and defense infrastructure of the U.S. and that he personally participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972. During their period of “civil disobedience,” the actions of the Weathermen resulted in both death and destruction in the U.S., all for a “higher principle.”

William Ayers and the morally bankrupt lunatic left

Today, Ayers is hailed as a hero to many on the political left and quite the chum of Obama, despite the desperate denials of leftist, self-proclaimed arbiters of truth like Media Matters,, and the brain-sharing freak show of Keith Olberman, Rachael Maddow and Chris Matthews. When not fundraising for Obama or shilling for Hugo Chavez, Ayers serves as a professor of education at the University of Illinois. Perhaps more disturbing is that Ayers has not ruled out the possibility of conducting future bombings, as he muses in his 2001 memoir Fugitive Days. But such is to be expected from the morally bankrupt lunatic left.

More troubling than the far left’s position on the Obama eligibility issue, however, is that of the conservative right. It is here, in my opinion, where the most dangerous duplicity exists and is allowed to metastasize. By design or default, this dissimulation is co-opting a strong and growing conservative base. These self-proclaimed, constitutional loving conservatives are more AWOL in legitimately reporting on the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama than Lt. Col. Lakin was for his last deployment.

There is something very wrong when those who have the eyes and ears of a vast national audience and the power to educate, inform and even influence millions of Americans choose to remain silent on perhaps the most important, or at least the most fundamental of all Constitutional issues.

There is something wrong when simply raising the topic of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility qualifies reasonable and well-researched conservatives the designation of “pinheads.”

There is something wrong when constitutional scholars are ignored or mocked by conservative pundits, or by talk show hosts who are insulted by the pejorative term “tea-baggers” yet accept and even advance the equally disparaging label of “birthers.”

There is something wrong when presidential candidate McCain is made, by congressional mandate, to prove his eligibility as a candidate while Obama is not held to the same standard.

This is something wrong when a 32-year-old baseball player states that he believes Obama is hiding something regarding his birth certificate (i.e., his eligibility) and gets more press than a highly decorated military veteran who expresses the same concerns under the threat of court-martial.

The corporate-fed conservative forces will be at their microphones and in front of the cameras, assured that their jobs are safe as long as they dare not step over the forbidden topic of Obama’s eligibility and pedigree. They will continue to enjoy their compassionate conservatism as long as they don’t ask for the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate, his passport records, kindergarten records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records and thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, and a list of other documents that would provide proof of Constitutional eligibility and valuable insight into the current occupant of the house of the American people.

While the political favorites of the Tea Party, the conservative pundits who lecture relentlessly on the virtues of Republicans and conservatism, and the conservative bloggers whose articles appear in lockstep with the old guard lead the masses down the acceptable path of truth and liberty, Lt. Col. Lakin has been unceremoniously denied both.

Sadly, so has every American. Sadder still, most don’t even realize it, and most of those with the moral obligation and opportunity to make a difference are contemptibly silent.

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