The perils of Obama we refuse to face

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November 13, 2014

By Douglas J. Hagmann

An article written by Coach Dave Daubenmire, titled ‘Is the Man in the White House Mentally Ill?’ appeared on the News with Views website last week. Coach Daubenmire said it best, plainly and directly just within the title alone. With all due respect to the coach, however, I’d bet most “average” Americans looked at the title of the column and proceeded elsewhere, believing the article to be the ravings of just some hyper-lunatic Christian conservative with latent hatred toward the man occupying the Oval Office.

I’d even bet that some conservatives and even conservative-Christians felt that way too, even without reading the article. After all, there must be some expectations of respect, or standards thereto, for anyone holding the position of the office of the President of the United States.

Furthermore, anyone of reasonable sensibilities would most certainly dismiss the mere suggestion that the most powerful man in the free world might possess some form of mental impairment, wouldn’t they? After all, how could our government remain functional and the chief executive be respected by other world leaders if he is hobbled by a hidden mental impairment?

Unsurprisingly, too few appear to be taking the observations of Coach Daubenmire seriously, including the corporate media and the usual stable of stale political pundits with a keyboard or microphone. Sure, some within the controlled media have broken from their scripts and made some minimal commentaries, but nothing of substance. The “real media,” however, would never look at the recent actions and reactions (specifically to the mid-term election results, as merely one example) of Barack Hussein Obama II with such unprecedented disrespect.

Wait… did I just use the word “unprecedented?” Hold onto that thought just for a moment.

Antisocial Personality Disorder, otherwise known as Sociopathy

The ponderings of Coach Daubenmire include his association between Obama’s visible behaviors with the use of a bona fide medical disorder known as Antisocial Personality Disorder, otherwise known as Sociopathy. The coach points to various instances where Obama exhibited outward signs of this recognized disorder, particularly in recent months. He lists the clinical presentations of someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder, but does so in plain-speak through his use of the medically recognized term sociopath. And such plain-speak and candor, cutting though the medical jargon to get to the heart of the matter, ladies and gentlemen, has seemed to cause some people to dismiss the valuable insights contained within his article, or has caused outrage in others.

Since the political and social Liberals (read Marxists) claim to have empathy for those with various impairments, as demonstrated by their rabid allegiance to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) at all costs and justifying the means by the ends, then it should be equally reasonable for those on the political left to be concerned about the mental and physical state of their leader. Instead they choose to conveniently look the other way despite textbook behavioral exhibitions to the contrary. Even worse, they assail anyone who points out how closely the behavior of Barack Hussein Obama II mirrors the characteristics of a sociopath. Has the media’s reticence to report on potential mental impairments with our chief executive officers always been the case? No.

It is here that you can turn back to the word “unprecedented.” It was not that long ago when the corporate media publicly mused about U.S. President Ronald Reagan suffering from Alzheimer’s, especially after Mr. Reagan was officially diagnosed with the disease. It was apparently permissible for the Liberal political pundits to suggestively allege that Reagan was afflicted by this horrific disease during his second term, as illustrated by ABC News and in a very unflattering manner in the popular website Slate.

Earlier U.S. history was even less kind to other presidents, both contemporaneously and historically.

As detailed by the website HealthCentral in an article published in February of 2012, the author writes:

“In 2006 an article was published by psychiatrists at the Duke University Medical Center which reviewed the biographies of American presidents from 1776 to 1974. This study, which was published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease analyzed the historical data of 37 presidents looking for symptoms of mental illness as defined by the criteria of the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual.”

The article pointed to seven-(7) presidents who were known to be, or were alleged to have been impaired by clinical depression. Citing the original study, the author notes that the job performance of many of the U.S. Presidents identified in this study was adversely affected by their mental illnesses. But those were much simpler times, when the fate of the world did not rest with the mental acuity of one man.

As shown, there is indeed precedent and ample examples for the media and public to openly and directly question the mental state of our statesmen. Exception appears only to apply to this president, despite such clinical presentations that could be exponentially more devastating to the state of our country than at any other time in American history. Again, much more is at stake.

Before Coach Daubenmire’s most succinct article about Obama, there was an extensive article published in September of 2008 by Ali Sina titled Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer. Ali Sina provides a valuable perspective into not only the mind of then-Senator Obama through his political actions, speeches and machinations, but from his own most valuable life experiences as an Iranian Ex-Muslim. More than six years after it was published, that article continues to stand on its own merits. The insight into the actions of Obama have been borne out in the years since it was written, and should still be spread far and wide for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

So, we were warned in 2008 about Obama’s narcissism and other tyrannical traits he exhibited by Ali Sina, yet those warnings were all but ignored and discarded as hyperbole. Read the article again, this time with the benefit of six years of experience in your rear view mirror.

Also, combine Sina’s warnings with the ever-growing reports of harassment and intimidation of media personalities who refuse to simply “be reasonable” by agreeing to merely regurgitate Obama’s sound bites without question. Is it all starting to make more sense now?

We were warned in 2008 by the life experiences of Ali Sina. Today, we are being warned by Coach Daubenmire through the lens of his own life experience that something is very wrong with Obama. Very wrong. Most can see it, but few have the courage to report it. Even fewer have the ability to lay it all out in plain English like the coach.

The problem is growing. It is becoming more obvious. As in the case of all clinical sociopathic behavior, the man is becoming increasingly more dangerous. The stakes are greater today than at any other time in recent U.S. history. This is no time to dodge the difficult questions or exercising reluctance to demand answers. We had that time once, but it was squandered away by the potential and actual accusations of bigotry and racism. It was squandered away by partisan politics, and facilitated through the mega microphones of not just the liberal left, but by those purported conservatives who allegedly stood for righteousness, integrity and character.

A lot more damage to our country can, and will, be done during the next two years. If you’re relying on the change of congressional leadership to act as a stop-gap measure against this Oval Office occupant, let me ask you one question. From the vantage point of recent American history, how did that work for you and for our country?

Sadly, and despite all assertions to the contrary, we know very little about the man seated in the Oval Office. We don’t even know his real legal name. Do you think that’s untrue? A myth? Well, produce the authenticated paper document trail from his Certificate of Live Birth to his legal name change from Soetoro to Obama, and all other relevant documents that will once and for all put any nagging rumors to rest. Produce his school records, including any and all financial aid documents, and allow them to be properly analyzed.

Obama’s life is a lie. It’s the artifact of a legend created for this period in our history

As I have asserted for the last six years, his life is a lie. It’s the artifact of a legend created for this period in our history. Attempts to officially penetrate the iron curtain of lies have been rejected by both parties and supported by a corrupted and compromised media. It’s gotten so bad most people cannot even tell when they are being lied to, and even then, most choose not to believe it.

Don’t dismiss the obvious. It’s time that we get back to talking like mature adults and asking unpopular questions that few seem to want to ask in a manner that we can all understand.

About Obama, the coach said it best. “I believe he is a sick, dangerous man.” I totally agree, coach, but permit me to add one thing. He is a man whose past is hidden from inspection by handlers with a much different agenda than the “average” American reading your column or mine. He is not just a danger, but a danger wrapped in a complex enigma of lies.

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