This is One Way We Can (And Must) Fight Back

Hagmann P.I.
March 7, 2023

The Hagmann Report accepted Harry’s razors as a sponsor a few years ago. Then, they went “woke.” At that moment, I decided not to accept their money for 60-second “live reads” on our show and explained our reason for doing so. They were not the first such sponsor. To be completely transparent, often (and in this case), sponsors will send you their products – within reason – for trial and use purposes, so endorsements are genuine. I would not have it any other way, as I will never promote a product or service I do not use or believe in.

In true “America First” entrepreneurial spirit, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing founded an alternative to Harry’s under his own name. He also used the web address “I hate Harrys” that resolved to Jeremy’s Razors, thus establishing a parallel economy with great products that don;t support the “woke” agenda of the Marxist-Socialists-Communists who are infiltrating all of our culture and society. Here is his message:


“They paid us. We advertised their razors. 

But after we said that boys are boys and girls are girls, they publicly condemned our views as “inexcusable” and dropped their ads because of what they called “values misalignment.”

You’re damn right our values are misaligned.  We value truth and the right to speak it. 

We embrace masculinity and the courage to uphold it. And since no other razors out there did… we built our own.”


I immediately switched from Harry’s to Jeremy’s and never looked back.

Jeremy is at it again – this time with Chocolate. Using an effective dose of mockery and humor, Jeremy is fighting the woke agenda of Hershey Chocolate – and we stand steadfastly with him! There can be no confusion over gender and pronouns – nor should there be – as women don’t have nuts! But then, we knew that. You should too. Link: Jeremy’s – support them!

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