This Perversity Does NOT Belong in American Schools – We WILL Fight Back

Hagmann P.I.
June 7, 2023

As reported by Breitbart, the Wells Road Intermediate School in Granby, Connecticut, showed children in grades 3, 4, and 5 the above video that both normalizes and promotes the fallacy of gender identity for “pride month” without their knowledge or advanced consent. Parents were righteously and rightfully outraged.

Initial investigation conducted by HagmannPI verified that the video was produced by Universal Kids, an organization that describes itself as follows:

We are a kid-focused ecosystem representing the world of NBCUniversal family brands with quality shows for kids of all ages. Whether it’s seeing the coolest DIY room makeovers from Get Out of My Room or cooking up recipes with Top Chef Junior, Universal Kids is the network families can enjoy together. Watch Universal Kids on TV! You can also stream on Peacock, watch on Demand or on the Universal Kids apps (iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon FireTV).


The Wells Road Intermediate School is within the Granby School District in Granby, Connecticut; the superintendent of Granby schools is Dr. Jordan Grossman, who responded to parents’ concerns by stating that his office is handling parents’ concerns internally and claimed the video is “designed for 2-to-12-year-olds,” according to Breitbart. The elementary school principal who promoteed the video, Pauline Greer, issued a letter (about the video and incident) that stated: “It certainly was not intended to alienate or disturb any child. In context, we were trying to remind students that it is ok to be who you are and still be treated with respect dignity and kindness.”

As the push for the normalization of such perversity continues within the US school systems, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) just added the Florida-based parental rights group, Moms for Liberty, hate map along with 11 other parental rights groups. See REPORT here.

HagmannPI is currently in the process of creating alliances with various US-based parental rights groups to fight against the indoctrination of young children and every person, group, or government department, whether local, state, or federal, that pushes (or merely condones) this perverse agenda. Stay tuned.

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