Truth Smacks Manhattan DA in the Face, Tanking His Case. Will It Matter?

Hagmann P.I.
March 20, 2023

Anyone with any degree of intellectual honesty can see that Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is on a political crusade on behalf of his handlers, the Communist Left, and their subservient cucks, the RINOs, and all the minions of the Deep State. His mission is to destroy Donald Trump using a weaponized legal system in a venue hostile to President Donald Trump. This is part of a much greater mission, however, which is to proceed with a “Scorch America First” policy. It is part of a larger agenda designed to forever and “fundamentally change” America from a nation of laws and Constitutional protections into a “third-world shithole.” Bragg is dutifully playing the role assigned to him by his paymasters, not realizing that he will be tossed out like bad food from a refrigerator when his handlers are done with him.

To the extent that Bragg has the ability to control who he brings in front of a salivating grand jury, he was unable to contain the truth provided by Robert Costello, Michael Cohen’s former attorney. Robert Costello exquisitely forced testimony into the record that completely demolished Bragg’s case. Talking with Tucker Carlson this evening, Mr. Costello showed how desperate the Communist Left really is, and, equally important, just how morally bankrupt these Leftists really are – from Cohen to Bragg and their hapless band of cheerleaders who are nearly orgasmic in their quest to forever destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Watch the case implode here:

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