War Declared Against Christians

Hagmann P.I.
March 30, 2023
War Declared Against Christians

The radical & inescapably satanic ideologies and agendas of the trans movements – transgenderism, transhumanism, the demonic cult of infanticide, and the Marxist, Maoist ideological drivers behind Critical Race Theory of child indoctrination all share the same demonic taproot that reaches to the depths of hell where it receives its nourishment. These ideologies are anti-God and anti-human, anti-Biblical family and against traditional marriage between a man and woman. Any person or entity who embraces, advocates for, or even tolerates such ideologies has declared war on the followers of Jesus Christ.

Their insipid wickedness is magnified by their false claims of societal oppression and victimhood. Their false claims of victimhood, repeated without substantiation by a compliant and complicit media as well as some pastors, ministers and self-identifying Christians, have only served to embolden their ill-fated satanic agenda.

The murder of innocent men, women and children at a Christian School on Wednesday by a transgender activist is the result of the failure of the Christian church to boldly and fearlessly identify and stand against the perversion of God’s truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and even common sense morality.

War against Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ has been declared.


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