We’re Done Playing: Congressman Morgan Luttrell, Dan Crenshaw, & Governor Abbott – We’ve Got Some Questions For You

Hagmann P.I.
August 25, 2023

Michael Yon, the well-known crowd-funded journalist, in tandem with Ann Vandersteel, who’s been investigating the border invasion, Colony Ridge – the encampment north of Houston that houses thousands of illegals, especially young children inside Texas, and the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party (and others) into various US institutions, is pressing for answers. In this short segment, Michael Yon discloses that the developer of Colony Ridge has given money to Congressman Luttrell, and wants to know why. Well, so do we and everyone reading this should want to know as well.

What is the status of the children being held at a converted Walmart in Brownsville, Texas? Why aren’t they given the opportunity to see daylight? Why haven’t you permitted Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel to drop in and see the children instead of being met by what has been described as relatively aggressive security – only to be turned away?

What is going on here? WHO ELSE is making money on the unfettered flow of illegals who are being exploited? The children being trafficked? Where are the missing children?

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