Where are the men of America?

Hagmann P.I.
February 19, 2012
Where are the men of America?

By Douglas J. Hagmann

What will it take for Americans to understand how perilously close we are to permanently losing our country and way of life? Where are the real men, and where is the real American spirit? As a patriotic American who believes in the rights bestowed by our Creator and enumerated by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I am calling on all men to take a stand and hold our elected officials accountable for their direct assault on our Constitution or their complicity in the same.

If that makes me a “domestic extremist” by definition of “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano and the DHS, I enthusiastically embrace that description.

The consequences of not fulfilling our duties as men, as Americans, and as protectors of our families and country will be more severe than anyone appears able to comprehend. The parallels between Nazi Germany under Hitler to present-day America are frighteningly real, yet few men in America appear to be concerned.

If we fail to take a stand now, what makes anyone think we will have that ability in the immediate future? If it is us who fail to act, what can we expect from a generation brainwashed by revisionist history and influenced by the progressive media?

Under Hitler, freedoms and individual liberties were repressed, and all but the elite were dehumanized through totalitarian measures employed by a “Big Brother” police state.  Socialism and social programs replaced individual choice and God and religious values were removed from public life. Individual liberty became lost amid the chaos of war and leadership.

If that sounds familiar, it should.

Ticket price includes the “full girlfriend experience”

How can a real man stand idly by at an airport and allow his wife and children to be physically and legally violated? I’ve heard many explanations for our collective acquiescence to the TSA version of the “full girlfriend experience,” but they are poor excuses.

If one flyer refuses to be violated before being allowed to fly, it will be “handled” by the TSA. If two, three, or even four stood together, there would be a dust-up, likely to be reported by the progressive media as a few malcontents throwing a monkey wrench into an otherwise effective system of security. But if everyone said “no more, not now, not ever” and stood together in support of their rights, what would happen?

We saw what would happen two years ago during the “opt-out” protest at airports across the U.S. The TSA stood down, albeit briefly, and the travelers were allowed to proceed with their rights and dignity intact. The agents of Nazification were unprepared to handle the unity of the people. Yet, despite this curtailment of invasive measures that violate our constitutional rights, the skies were free from terror incidents.

The answer here is clear. We all need to stand together, to do this again, and continue permanently until our rights and our dignity is restored. Real men must rise to the challenge, regain the American spirit and take control over themselves, their families and their rights. Like schoolyard bullies, history has shown that the power elite are afraid of the people determined to restore our republic.

A surveillance state

Those who still hold a death grip on the right-left, democrat-republican model and the belief that the election of the GOP nominee will deliver us from the socialist state we have become, think again. The recent crafting and passage of the NDAA has the fingerprints of both parties all over it.

The extreme majority of current lawmakers and appointed officials have turned us into a surveillance state, not unlike Germany under the Nazis. Both sides of the aisle are out of control. From mobile VIPR teams stopping drivers on highways while leaving a southern border wide open, to bureaucrats expelling God from our schools, revising history, and outrageously snooping into our children’s lunches, it is time to end this madness. Real men must stand up for their families and demand the restoration of our personal rights and privacy.

Everyone must understand that what we are experiencing today has nothing to do with the security of our country. It’s all about controlling and conditioning a populace. Real men possessing the true American spirit will take a stand.

The price of crony capitalism & entitlements

Real men must expose and deal with crony capitalism wherever it exists, whichever side of the fictitious democrat-republican, right-left paradigm it exists. The perpetrators who have looted our national coffers must be identified as the thieves that they are and brought to justice.

Real men of able body must also say no to entitlements, whether personal or corporate, and start rebuilding our nation. We must quit the handouts cold turkey, suffer the “economic detoxing” like men, and in the spirit of our forefathers, start this nation anew.

Entitlement programs have exploded under Obama, but we must remember that it is Congress that makes the laws that permit the expansion of these programs. While everyone is focused on the GOP nominee as being the potential savior of our republic, few are willing to address how our democrat and republican lawmakers are signing off on the majority of Obama’s policies.

The majority of people remain myopically ignorant that the right-left, democrat-republican paradigm still exists. One needs only to look at the mid-term elections when the republicans gained control of congress to realize that the difference is indeed an illusion, as illustrated by the actions of the newly elected. Otherwise, we would not be witnessing the continuing erosion of our constitutional rights by the very members supported and endorsed by the Tea Party and other organizations ostensibly favoring smaller government, less bureaucracy, and fiscal responsibility.

Few in congress want to trim entitlement programs for budgetary control purposes, for such programs are the very mechanisms used to control the masses. Even fewer want to end crony capitalism, as they are the benefactors of such fiscal immorality. But how many men are willing to stand up and say “enough?”

Under Hitler, entitlements exploded to budget-breaking levels, where fiscal irresponsibility was masked only by the dogs of war.  Entitlements under Obama, signed off by the Tea Party-backed lawmakers, have increased exponentially. Listen, and you will hear the war drums beating once again.

The price of entitlements is high: it is an exchange for freedom and liberty. Individually and as a country, we have been betrayed by our elected officials. Nearly all of them.

Real men, please come forward

We need real men to stand up and say “no more.” No more police state, no more touching my son, wife, daughter, mother or anyone under the sham of security, no more crony capitalism, and no more tolerance of the agenda that is enslaving us.” We must make it clear that we will no longer tolerate tyranny, fiscal irresponsibility, or fear brought on by illegal and unconstitutional government intrusion.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” If the social and fiscal conservatives, the Tea Party, and other groups cannot or will not stand up to all tyranny, then move aside as real men must. Then, and only then, will the tyrants stand down.

HAGMANN P.I. (Doug Hagmann)
Private Investigator for over 35 years. TV Host, Radio Host and Author.

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