Why All Patriots MUST Understand What the DeSantis Op Was All About

Hagmann P.I.
January 23, 2024

We are all being played, even by people with whom we want to place our faith. I’ve seen many very intelligent and rational people fall for the “deep politics” of big money and influence, and that’s what Gov. Ron DeSantis’ run for the 2024 slot was all about. Author Sundance of The Conservative Treehouse lays it out perfectly and precisely:

“Ron DeSantis left Congress, along with Paul Ryan, because Ron DeSantis was going to run for the Florida Governor seat as part of his career move.  The people around DeSantis who supported his political career (Ryan, Bush, approved Republican types), along with the Club4Growth (David McIntosh), helped guide DeSantis with the proactive planning.  The run for governor in ’18 was always done with the expectation and plan to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

One thing of which I am aware – and troubled by – involves politically conservative podcasts, broadcasts, and socia media platforms – people with voices, who were recruited for a specific purpose: Ultimately destroy Donald Trump. although, that was not the sales pitch that was used, but that was the result intended.

“In December of 2021, a full 17 months prior to the May 2023 official announcement, the invitation to the “conservative influencers” was dispatched. “ This January 2022 preparation was why the people in the photograph were so sensitive about the “invitation” when questioned. (Highlights mine)

Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

“Just like the Tea Party was infiltrated and diminished back to the control of the GOPe in 2012, so too was the plan to infiltrate MAGA and take control in 2024.  This is the reason why DeSantis ran in 2018 to mirror the Trump agenda.   Winning Florida via overt and very public support for President Trump was part of the design.

The policy agenda of Ron DeSantis was then structured to mirror the priority of the MAGA base.  This was pure strategic and political maneuvering, not a fundamental or ideological alignment in common belief with the priorities of the Trump voter.”

Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

Lastly, consoder that the DeSantis team KNEW, IN ADVANCE, about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, but did NOTHING to stop it or otherwise angage in constitutionl remedies. Why not?

Read the entire brilliant analysis at The Conservative Treehouse HERE.

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